Auburn Achieve || Auburn University

From the belief statements in the historic Auburn Creed to the student-centric goals in the institutions’ current Strategic Plan, the university places great emphasis on creating an environment that yields success to those willing to work for it.

AUBURNACHIEVE focuses directly on improved student achievement and will do so by creating support structures and processes that facilitate customizable, data-informed interventions aimed at one or more of the objectives below:


AUBURNACHIEVE will increase first destination outcome success.

To this end, students will be academically prepared to pursue continuing and professional education and students will be prepared for their first destination employment opportunity, which will be measured by the percent of students that are successfully enrolled in continuing or professional education or successfully employed at the time of graduation and in the six-months after graduation.


AUBURNACHIEVE will increase first destination outcome quality.

To this end, students will be satisfied with their first destination outcome and students will have the opportunity to pursue high quality careers, which will be measured via information obtained about career location, satisfaction, compensation, major/outcome alignment, etc.


AUBURNACHIEVE will help students explain the relevance of academic and co-curricular experiences.

Aligned to the overall framework of AUBURNACHIEVE, Achievement is powered by a student’s ability to articulate their valuable academic learning experiences and their curricular activities to various audiences. Articulation will be measured through the evaluation of articulation artifacts, such as personal statements and unique value propositions.