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Below are resources that University Writing has developed to support students and instructors across the disciplines in their writing and writing instruction. We define writing broadly, so you will find resources on ePortfolios, visual design, professional communication, and presentations in addition to traditional writing tasks like reflective writing, literature reviews, peer review, and editing and proofing.

Please use the keywords on the right-hand side of the page or the search bar above to navigate these resources. If you would like to use these resources in your course, please follow the Creative Commons information located at the bottom of each resource. If you plan to use the source in its original format, we ask that you leave the University Writing branding intact.

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Open Educational Resource

University Writing's resources page is an Open Educational Resource (OER), or a collection of teaching and learning resources made publicly available with copyright licensing that allows others to share and adapt our materials. Creating an OER can be a lengthy process, and we have worked to develop a sustainable model for OER creation and maintenance. We hope that these resources allow other OER creators to develop a sustainable process for their projects.

Materials designed by Katharine Brown, Amy Cicchino, Mark Smith, Layli Miron, and Heesun Yoon

Three members of University Writing's OER Team—Katharine H. Brown, Mark Smith, and Heesun Yoon—wrote a peer reviewed article on their work with the OER project. In this article, published by the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators in the Online Literacies Open Resource, the authors describe and demonstrate processes for creating accessible documents and PDFs

This spreadsheet template can be used to track your progress as you prepare resources for OER publication; it is particularly useful for managing a large number of resources housed in a cloud storage system

This document guides University Writing's team through the process of preparing new or revised materials for publication to the OER; this guide can be adapted for you own context for uploading or preparing and publishing resources

This spreadsheet template can be used by OER creators to manage needed OER updates; the provided columns can be used to track each document's accessibility and readiness for publication

This guide articulates University Writing's practices for accessibility and inclusivity. We use this guide while preparing accessible resources for publication to our OER; further, it includes guidance on inclusive practices which can inform the design of materials