Class Visits and Consultations

Schedule a Workshop or Presentation

Auburn instructors can request three kinds of sessions: introductory presentations, student-facing workshops, and faculty development workshops.

Introductory presentations provide an overview of University Writing’s services. A peer consultant or program assistant will come during your class period to deliver a brief talk on the Miller Writing Center, student programs, and employment opportunities. The presenter will stay for 10 to 15 minutes total, including time for questions and answers. Requests for an introductory presentation can be submitted at any time. 

Student-facing workshops occupy an entire class period. Led by a member of the University Writing Team, these programs are highly interactive, usually featuring individual and small group activities. Since our workshops are not field-specific, you may have to explain to your students how they can adapt our lessons to fit writing expectations in your discipline or profession.

Please note that we open requests for workshops in the month preceding the first month of the semester (i.e., July for fall semester, December for spring, and April for summer). All workshop requests are due by the end of the first two weeks of classes (i.e., by the end of August for fall semester, end of January for spring, and end of May for summer).

We offer workshops on topics related to...

  • Understanding Academic Writing Conventions: Analyzing Genres of Writing; Literature Reviews; Graduate-Level Writing; Paraphrasing & Summarizing
  • Using and Citing Sources: Synthesizing Sources in Research; Copyright & Fair Use; APA Style; MLA Style
  • Writing for Research Projects: Writing Your Auburn IRB Protocol; Grant Writing; Managing Large Projects & Setting Writing Goals; Research Abstracts
  • Preparing Application Materials: Developing Your Professional Brand; Crafting Job Materials; Creating Strong Personal Statements
  • Writing in Other Media: Visual Communication; Professional Emails; ePortfolios
  • Stages of the Writing Process: Reading Difficult Material; Mindfulness & Writer's Block; Generating & Organizing Ideas; Revising Your Writing; Structure & Flow in Your Writing; Editing & Proofreading 


Faculty development workshops are designed to support faculty who assign discipline-specific writing projects. Workshops are interactive and typically last about an hour. Topics may include giving effective feedback, designing meaningful assignments, teaching scientific communication, integrating ePortfolios, or other areas of interest to faculty. These workshops may be requested at any time.

To request a workshop or presentation, please complete this Qualtrics form


University Writing is available to help faculty as they plan their courses or curricula. One-on-one or small group consultations are open to faculty members interested in refining existing writing assignments, supporting writing through activities such as peer review and reflective writing, streamlining strategies for student feedback, developing writing assessment tools, or developing assignments and activities related to ePortfolios. We're happy to speak with you about writing instruction in your courses! 

Our staff can even deliver demonstration lessons after one or more consultations. We can also attend faculty or departmental meetings to discuss writing-focused matters of curriculum and teaching.

To schedule a consultation with a University Writing administrator, email

Last updated: 08/23/2022