Auburn First students are held to the same standards as any other Auburn University student. Students are expected to maintain academic integrity.

Auburn University coursework takes commitment and responsibility. Online, asynchronous courses often require more focus and discipline from the student. Students are required to set their own schedule to learn the material and complete assignments.

High school students interested in dual enrollment are eligible to participate in Auburn First beginning the summer semester after their 10th grade year with a minimum high school GPA of 3.5 and a support form from a school counselor or principal.

Interested students should apply using the link on the Auburn First website. Prospective Auburn First students should not use the regular undergraduate application.

High school students can begin taking courses the summer semester after their 10th grade year. The calendar for applications and registration is here.

Complete the application linked on our website. After an application fee has been received or waived, our team reaches out to request your transcript and support form from your high school. Once all application materials are on file, it can take up to 2 weeks to fully process your application. You will receive a ‘Next Steps’ email once your acceptance is official. You can view the entire timeline here.

  1. Out-of-state and non-resident students are welcome to participate in Auburn First to earn dual credit if your school has an agreement or earn Auburn credit only.

  2. Certain program benefits, such as automatic admission, are unavailable to non-residents. See Program Details for more information.


Auburn First courses cost a flat rate of $750 per course for Alabama residents. Auburn First tuition for non-residents is the same as the resident undergraduate tuition rate, which may be adjusted from year to year.

Textbooks, course materials, and online proctoring are not included in tuition. The average cost of course materials for an Auburn First student is $50 to $75 per course.

The Auburn First tuition waiver is available to Alabama residents who qualify for free or reduced lunch. The tuition waiver will waive eligible students’ tuition for up to 24 credit hours of Auburn First coursework. Dual enrollment students are not eligible for university scholarships or financial aid.

All Access is the AU Bookstore’s inclusive access program. It provides low-cost, easily accessible digital materials to students on the first day of class. The cost of All Access course materials is automatically charged to the student’s e-Bill if they do not opt out prior to the deadline. Many Auburn First courses use the All Access program. Details are provided in the syllabus for each course.

All billing is done electronically. An email notification is sent to your Auburn University email address when you have a bill to view. You can access your e-Bill through AU Access. Students should add their parent/guardian as an ‘Authorized User’ if they will be responsible for tuition.


Students select from our standard course list, which is available under the courses tab. All courses are subject to seat availability.

Students are encouraged to select courses from the Auburn First course list. These courses count toward post-secondary general education requirements and lay the foundation for academic success at the college level. High school seniors who have earned Auburn First credit are eligible to take courses outside the Auburn First course list with approval.

Auburn First courses are online, asynchronous courses, meaning students are not required to log in and “attend” a Zoom class at a certain time. Students are responsible for keeping up with the due dates and deadlines set by their professors. Online courses at Auburn University are taught by instructors and do have capacity limits.

Admitted students can register for classes once their enrollment deposit has been received and course registration is open for that term. Course registration for Summer and Fall semesters opens in late March. Course registration for Spring semesters opens in late October.

Auburn First courses are taught by Auburn University faculty. As with any University course, seats are not unlimited and all courses are subject to seat availability.

The recommended amount of time students should spend studying for a college course is two hours a week per each credit hour enrolled. For a student taking three credit hours, the recommended amount of time that students should dedicate to studying outside of class for that course is six hours per week.

Auburn First students will have access to Auburn University academic resources including the RBD Library, tutoring services, Office of University Writing, academic support, academic advising, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Office 365. Auburn First students do not have access to Tiger Transit, athletic tickets and events, the student recreation center, student organizations, and on-campus student events.

Auburn University and our faculty take academic honesty very seriously. Academic misconduct, including plagiarism and collusion, leads to an official charge of alleged academic dishonesty and review by the Academic Honesty Committee.
Students who have been reported to the Academic Honesty Committee and found guilty of an Academic Honesty violation are ineligible for automatic admission regardless of their earned credit hours or cumulative GPA. This does not preclude them from submitting a traditional undergraduate application.

Students should select courses initially based on their needs at the high school level. Our team also encourages students to assess their strengths and interests when selecting courses.

You may earn up to 24 credit hours of Auburn First coursework, not including transfer and/or AP credits.


Dual credit allows students to earn both high school and college credit at the same time.

Questions about high school credit are best directed to your high school counselor.

No. Communicating to your counselor that you plan to take an Auburn First course does not add it to your Auburn University schedule.

At the beginning and end of each term, the Auburn First team sends enrollment verifications and official grade reports to high school counselors.

Yes. An MOU will make the credit you earn through Auburn First eligible for high school credit, but it is not required to participate in Auburn First. If your school does not have an MOU with our program, you will be earning college credit only.

Yes. Home schooled students will need to have their support form signed by their cover school (if applicable) or a parent/guardian.


No. Admission to Auburn University as a degree-seeking student can be achieved either through meeting the requirements for automatic admission through Auburn First OR applying through the regular admission process.

Yes. Please refer to the Program Details page to learn more about automatic admission policies.

Unfortunately, no. Maintaining a 3.5 high school GPA demonstrates continued academic excellence. Students must meet all requirements to qualify for automatic admission.

If you meet the automatic admission requirements that were in effect the term you were first admitted and enrolled in Auburn First, then you will be automatically admitted to Auburn University.

Yes. Automatically admitted students will be required to pay an enrollment deposit as incoming freshmen to register for Camp War Eagle. This will also be applied to their first-semester tuition.

Your ACT/SAT scores do not impact your eligibility for automatic admission and are not required to complete your undergraduate application. However, you should still submit your test scores for undergraduate scholarship purposes.

  1. No. Automatic admission is not available to out-of-state and non-resident students.

  2. Students attending a school in the Fulton County School System (GA) may check Program Details to determine their eligibility.


No. You will be taking the same courses offered to undergraduate students at Auburn University.

Auburn First students who qualify for automatic admission do not receive any additional benefits or preference in housing selection or course registration as undergraduate students. In these areas, automatically admitted students receive the same benefits as students who were admitted in the first round of decisions.
By earning Auburn credit in high school, incoming freshmen who earned credit through Auburn First are eligible to purchase a football ticket package.

No. Credits earned prior to your high school graduation will not impact your eligibility for freshman scholarships.


Rising seniors will have the opportunity to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment during the summer between their junior and senior year. Students will receive specific instructions at that time.

Students can take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment up to 3 times. However, to make each attempt worthwhile, it is important that you spend time working in your ALEKS Prep and Learning Module between Placement Assessments so that you can improve your skills.

Students will not be obligated to take the ALEKS again, but they can if they wish to improve their score and have attempts left.

A 50% on the ALEKS math placement test demonstrates that a student is academically prepared for an Auburn University core math course. Scores lower than 50% indicate that remedial math coursework is necessary.

Automatic admission requires a 50% on the Auburn University ALEKS placement assessment administered by Auburn University prior to their senior year.

Unfortunately, no. A 50% on the ALEKS demonstrates minimum academic proficiency in a core area. Students must meet all requirements to qualify for automatic admission.

No problem! You can visit the link below to view additional FAQs about the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment and how it works.


Students attending a school in the Fulton County School System (GA) are eligible to receive the same program benefits as Alabama residents under the Auburn First program. Benefits include eligibility for automatic admission, dual credit, and our tuition waiver program. The in-state Auburn First tuition rate is also available to these students.

No. This tuition waiver benefit is only applicable while enrolled in Auburn First. Once a student is fully admitted to Auburn, they are still classified as a non-resident for tuition purposes unless they meet Auburn University’s residency policy.

  1. Automatic Admission is available to students attending a school within the Fulton County School System (GA). Students who reside in Fulton County (GA) but do not attend a school in the Fulton County School System (GA) are not eligible for automatic admission.