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ePortfolios can benefit faculty and staff as they develop their professional brand and communicate their values and work to different stakeholders. An ePortfolio can be one way to tell your professional story through sharing artifacts related to your research, teaching, and service. Use the resources below to help you begin developing an ePortfolio. Be sure to also review our ePortfolio pages that have general information for ePortfolio creators. 

Materials designed by Amy Cicchino 

This worksheet will help you begin developing your personal brand statement 

This worksheet helps you select and contextualize artifacts through reflective writing 

Artifacts show evidence of your experiences, knowledge, and skills and can be anything: videos, photos, internship experiences, study abroad experiences, research posters, and course projects. You’ll want to contextualize your artifacts with reflective writing, which can connect your specific artifacts to your larger professional goals and personal brand.  

Materials designed by Amber Simpson, Heather Stuart, and Parker Wade.

This handout offers examples of artifacts that you might potentially include in your ePortfolio. Remember, artifacts can be any kind of media  

This worksheet will help you brainstorm artifacts and connect your artifacts to the skills that you are trying to showcase 

Reflective writing allows you to articulate why an experience is important, what you learned during the process, and how you plan to apply your skills to future projects or endeavors. This handout gives you questions that you can use to begin drafting reflective writing for artifacts in your ePortfolio 

This worksheet will guide you in drafting reflective writing for an artifacts in your ePortfolio 

You can see how students at Auburn share and contextualize their artifacts by visiting our ePortfolio gallery 

Below are links to ePortfolios from Auburn University students and alumni. Here you will find a variety of ePortfolios that include thoughtful reflections and relevant artifacts that showcase student learning to audiences outside the University.


Christina Alibozek
Business Administration
Christina Alibozek portfolio
Xi Lin
Adult Education
Xi Lin portfolio
Brent Warr
Environmental Design
Brent Warr portfolio
AJ Kam
Community Planning
AJ Kam portfolio
Johnathan Hampton
Horticulture, Pre-Landscape Architecture
Johnathan Hampton portfolio
Cam Cavaliere
Rhetoric and Composition
Cam Cavaliere portfolio
Gennafer Grant
Apparel Design
Gennafer Grant portfolio
Naomi Pitts
Biosystems Engineering
Naomi Pitts portfolio
Jarelle Hooks
Social Worker
Jarelle Hooks portfolio
Lucas Adelino
Adult Education
Lucas Adelino portfolio
Kendall McCallum
Biomedical Science and Nutrition Science
Kendall McCallum portfolio
Camille Colter
Biosystems Engineering
Camillie Colter portfolio

An ePortfolio is a personal website that communicates one’s professional identity and experiences to a public audience, such as employers, graduate schools, or review committees. The resources below will help you learn about ePortfolios and introduce you to the process of developing an ePortfolio.   

Materials designed by Amy Cicchino and Heather Stuart

Learn about ePortfolios: 

View this short Introduction to ePortfolios Video  

View this longer Introduction to ePortfolios Video  

This handout will introduce you to ePortfolios 

This handout answers Frequently Asked Questions about ePortfolios  

Use this quiz and analysis activity to help your students test and apply their growing knowledge of ePortfolios 

Tour of Example Student ePortfolio with Anna    

You can see more examples of ePortfolios by visiting our ePortfolio gallery