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COSAM's Office of Communications and Marketing - Recent Projects:

2022 Calendar for Auburn University's Arboretum

 2022 Auburn University Arboretum Calendar


Fall 2021 Journey



Infographic for the Associate Dean of Research: 

 Infographic of research funding in FY2020

Read about the new research record for COSAM.

Van Wrap for the Museum of Natural History: 

 Museum Van - Left Side

Learn more about the van wrap that was specially created for the Museum of Natural History.

PowerPoint for the 2021 State of the College: 

 2021 State of the College

We prepared the PowerPoint for the 2021 State of the College presentation for the COSAM Dean.

Coverage of COSAM's new X-ray instrumentation: 

 Auburn Newsroom

The article was featured in: 

Alabama News Center


The Newsroom - Auburn University

Yellowhammer News


Arboretum's 2021 Calendar:  

2021 Arboretum Calendar

Dean's 2020 holiday card: 


COSAM 2020 Holiday Card 

#WomenIMPACTingSTEM campaign: 


 Jessica Krewall, PhD student

Jessica conducts research

Jessica hopes to help others working in industry or with a pharmaceutical company.

In September 2020, we launched a targeted social media campaign on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag: #WomenIMPACTingSTEM. Our goal is to highlight the important research our female graduate students are conducting in our college.


Updated look for our COSAM Today weekly newsletter launched February 25, 2020: 


New COSAM Today

COSAM Today 

Old COSAM Today: