Graduate Travel Fund Process

Application Process

Before submitting your application, please complete/gather the following files and combine them into a single pdf. These will be uploaded to your application.

  • R.A.T. form
  • If you are traveling overseas,  you will need to fill out a RAT50, which is handled through the Office of International Programs. We will need evidence that you have started this process. The process is integrated into Banner through the self-service Banner portal for each university employee, campus-wide, whether student or professor and is designed to facilitate oversight by several offices to speed processing of the request. You can reach the RAT50 via AU Access. Under Access, at the Employee drop-down, click on Self-Service, find the RAT50 link and follow the prompts. Capture a screenshot of the RAT50 and include this in your pdf file. This form does not need to be entirely complete.
  • A two page CV that describes your education, research and teaching, publications, and other significant experience.
  • A program flyer advertising the meeting with its locationand dates.
  • Include your abstract if available. If you do not have an abstract, please add a page explaining why and describe the work you will present.

Once you finish your application, your major professor will receive an email to fill out a Faculty Reference on your behalf. Your application will not be complete until this is received, so be sure to let your professor know as well as submit your application well ahead of the due date!

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Due Dates and Periods Covered

Review Period

Travel Period


1 - Fall Semester

15 August - 15 January

1 October

2 - Spring Semester 

15 December - 15 May

14 February

3 - Summer

15 April - 15 September 

1 June



Graduate Travel Committee

Dr. Anthony Moss (Biol. Sci, Chair)

Dr. Ziqin Feng (Math / Statistics)

Dr. Haibo Zou (Geology / Geography)

Ms. Jamonica Moore, (Chem/BioChem, Grad student)