WVD Instructions

COSAM Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) - Instructions

A list of the software available on WVD can be found at this article: https://csm-help.auburn.edu/helpdesk/KB/View/20061

To access the new system, you will need three things: 

  • Modern HTML5 Web Browser 
  • Your Auburn account credentials (username@auburn.edu/password) 
  • Your DUO multifactor authentication device (typically your smartphone) 

Access by Web Browser is the easiest way to connect to the COSAM desktop via the Web Client. 

  1. Use the short URL address of https://aub.ie/cosamwvd
  2. At the Microsoft Login Screen, use your username@auburn.edu, not your email alias. 
  3. At the Auburn Login Screen, use your Auburn Password 
  4. You may be sent a Duo Multifactor Authentication either by Push, Text, or Phone Call 

Additional configuration instructions and timeout settings can be found in the COSAM IT KB: https://csm-help.auburn.edu/helpdesk/KB/View/16339-wvd-azure-windows-virtual-desktop-instructions.


To access H:\ Drive or AU Homes, Please following the OIT Instructions here: https://auburn.service-now.com/it?id=kb_article_view&sysparm_article=KB0000084

Still having trouble? 

Send us a support ticket at COSAM IT Support Request.