COSAM News Articles 2019 August Two COSAM Faculty Share the Value of the Plainsmen’s Prep Program

Two COSAM Faculty Share the Value of the Plainsmen’s Prep Program

Published: 08/13/2019

By: Maria Gebhardt

“This program is not just about placing into a higher math class, our goal is to help prepare them to be successful and confident in all of the mathematics courses they take,” explained Dr. Lora Merchant, lecturer and pre-calculus coordinator.

This year’s Plainsmen’s Prep Program, hosted by the Auburn University Office of Academic Support, offered students the chance to review math and get extra support from faculty.

"The Plainsmen’s Prep Program is so important because it allows students an opportunity to being their college career in the correct math class for their major which will help them finish in four years,” shared Dr. Jennifer Stone, senior lecturer, course director and GTA supervisor. “More importantly, it teaches them the pre-calculus and algebra skills that will allow them to succeed in any math course they end up taking in the fall.”

These students gained an extra edge in math as well as networking with their new Auburn family.

“The program is also beneficial since it allows students to get familiar with the campus and meet people from the very start,” Dr. Stone added. “With the small group element, it creates an instant community of 11 people that you will get to know and not feel so alone as they start their first experience at living away from home."


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