SEPEEG20 Online Virtual Conference

October 23 , 26, 27 and 30

 Virtual Conference


Thank you to all our of participants from across the nation:

Map of Participants

We look forward to seeing everyone at SEPEEG 2021 hosted by UGA.

  • Top graduate student speakers
    • Tie:
      • Amanda Smith – “Host-produced antimicrobial peptides and reactive oxygen species cause genomic perturbations”
      • James Ogilvie – “The selective pressures maintaining polymorphic mimicry in a mulllerian mimic”
  • Top postdoc speaker
    • Rohan Mehta – “The relationship between haplotype-based FST and haplotype length”
  • Top poster awards
    • 1 Graduate student presenter
      • Katie Eaton – “Nanopore amplicon sequencing reveals molecular convergence and local adaptation of rhodopsin in Great Lakes salmonids”
    • 1 Undergraduate student presenter
      • Isabella Childers – “Computational Analysis of Deletions in the Rhesus Macaque Genome by Recombination of Alu Elements”