Scholarships Checklist

Dates and Deadlines

To ensure maximum consideration, it is imperative that students are knowledgeable of the specific deadlines associated with all scholarships awarded. Students should expect scholarship awards between October and April. Students selected to receive an award will be notified by award letter to their permanent address or by email to their TigerMail account.

  • Dates & Deadlines

Scholarship Dates & Deadlines

sept 1

early oct

Scholarship Application Available through AUSOM

dec 1

Scholarship Application Priority Deadline* for Incoming Freshman Students

feb 10

mar 1

Scholarship Application Deadline** for Current Students and Financial Aid*** Priority Deadline

may 1

Scholarship Response Deadline

jun 1

Scholarship Application Deadline for Nursing, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine Professional Programs

*Students must complete the scholarship application through AUSOM by 4:45 p.m. CST to receive priority consideration for Freshman Scholarships.

**Students must complete the scholarship application through AUSOM by 4:45 p.m. CST to receive final consideration for scholarships.

***The FAFSA is the only form a student is required to complete to be considered for student assistance from any of the Title IV, HEA programs except for information needed to ensure the student’s eligibility for such assistance (e.g., information needed to complete verification or to demonstrate compliance with the student eligibility provisions of the HEA and the regulations). Additional information, if requested, will be listed on the student’s AU Access My Finances page after we receive the results of the FAFSA. For additional information, visit the Office of Financial Aid.