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Commencement Ticketing (Effective Fall 2023)

Auburn University is excited to celebrate our graduates and welcome families and other guests to our institution's commencement ceremonies. To ensure the university adheres to venue capacity inside Neville Arena, Auburn will allot graduating students a limited number of free tickets for all commencement ceremonies beginning fall 2023. Ticketing Auburn's ceremonies ensures all graduates have the option of guests attending and prevents guests from being denied entry due to capacity constraints.

University-issued tickets are required for (1) all graduates seated on the Arena floor/walking and (2) all guests seated in the stands (all attendees must have a ticket, regardless of age).

Students registered to graduate can receive a set number of guest tickets based on anticipated ceremony size and venue capacity.

Spring semester graduates may request a limited number of additional tickets (in addition to the allotted number of tickets) based on availability; however, additional ticket requests are not guaranteed. Guest ticket allocation for the upcoming commencement ceremonies is as follows:

Ceremony Allotted Number of Guest Tickets
Fall 2023 Commencement (December) Nine guest tickets per graduate.
Spring 2024 Commencement (May) Six guest tickets per graduate. This does not include the graduate ticket.
Graduates may request (but are not guaranteed) up to two additional tickets.*

Monday’s ceremonies for the Harrison College of Pharmacy and the College of Veterinary Medicine will not be ticketed at this time.
Summer 2024 Commencement (August) No limit on the number of guest tickets requested. (Graduates must still register for tickets).

* The granting of additional tickets is based on demand and capacity. Graduates will be notified after commencement ticket registration closes.

The number of tickets allotted per graduate for ceremonies after 2024 may change based on the expected number of graduates and anticipated ceremony sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning in fall 2023, university-issued tickets are required for all graduates and guests attending Auburn's Commencement Ceremonies, regardless of age.

To ensure the university adheres to venue capacity and hosts safe ceremonies inside Neville Arena that allow all graduates the option of having guests attend.

Yes. Tickets are required of all graduates and guests attending commencement, regardless of age.

Yes. Tickets are provided by the university at no cost.

All tickets are electronic and can be downloaded on a smartphone or printed. No screenshots are accepted. Graduates can send tickets to their guests once the electronic tickets are available for access.

Only students registered to graduate for commencement can reserve guest tickets for their ceremony. Guest ticket reservations can only be placed by graduates, not by guests.

All commencement ceremonies are held inside Neville Arena.

Graduates who are registered and approved to graduate will receive an email from the Commencement Fffice indicating when ticket registration opens. All graduates planning to participate (walk) in commencement must register for a ticket for themselves, regardless of whether they have guests attending or not (tickets are required for entry into Neville Arena).

Once students register for tickets, they will receive an email confirmation. Two weeks before the ceremony, graduates will receive an email with instructions on how to download or print tickets for guests.

The number of guest tickets allocated per graduate differs by semester and is calculated based on the number of graduates, ceremony size, and venue capacity.

Graduates will have two weeks to register for guest tickets and can make edits to the number of tickets only during that time. Once registration closes, graduates can return unused tickets, but cannot request additional tickets.

Graduates who no longer need guest tickets are encouraged to log in to the ticket portal and return them to be redistributed to other graduates who have requested additional tickets.

All graduates can register for up to the maximum number of tickets for their commencement ceremony (nine for fall 2023 and six for spring 2024). During spring ticket registration, graduates may request up to two additional tickets. Requests are not a guarantee of extra tickets. Graduates who have requested additional tickets will be notified two weeks before commencement.

Once downloaded, tickets may be transferred to anyone. However, tickets may only be scanned once. If a guest presents a ticket that has already been scanned, they will be denied entry.

No. All seating inside of Neville Arena is on a first-come, first-served basis, including ADA seating.

No. Auburn's commencement tickets are free and available only to graduates registered to graduate. Graduate or guest ticket(s) may not be used for advertising, promotion (such as contests or giveaways), or other trade or commercial purposes. Auburn students who engage in such activities or in any other activity that disrupts the administration of the ceremony or who violate the Auburn University Code of Student Conduct or other University policies may be subject to disciplinary sanctions, including prohibited from attending commencement.

No. All ceremonies are general admission, and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors to Neville Arena open 90 minutes before the ceremony begins (confirm on the commencement website).

All tickets are general seating tickets. ADA seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one guest may sit with a guest utilizing ADA seating.

Students must walk in the ceremony during the semester they are registered to graduate. Limited exceptions may be made for requests to walk in summer or fall ceremonies, pending capacity.

Graduates will receive an email from the Commencement Office with a link to register for tickets. Only students registered to graduate may access the ticketing website. Once they register, students will select their own ticket (required) and their guests' tickets (optional). Once registration is completed, students will receive a confirmation email. This email will not contain graduation tickets.
Two weeks before commencement, students will receive an email from the Commencement Office with a notification that they can now download tickets. Once they log into the ticketing site, students can download their tickets and distribute them to guests.

No, not at this time. Tickets are PDFs that can be electronically downloaded or printed and scanned once.