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As part of Auburn University's ongoing commitment to the safety of students, employees and visitors, the university has a robust emergency notification system in place. Known as AU ALERT, the system is designed to communicate time-sensitive emergency messages in a number of ways in an effort to alert all students, employees and visitors about potentially dangerous situations. Regardless of how you receive the message, please take all emergency messages seriously and follow the instructions given.

Register/Update your AUAlert Information
If you arrive at the Rave Mobile Safety website, search for Auburn University to continue.

The AU ALERT system consists of the following components:

Text, Voice and E-mail Messages

Emergency alerts are sent to all Auburn University e-mail addresses and university-provided cell phones. Students and employees are encouraged to register a phone number in the system through the link above. You can register up to three mobile phones to receive text and voice messages, three voice-only phones and three e-mail addresses. You will only be contacted through the system in the event of an emergency or for periodic system tests. Parents who wish to receive emergency notification messages can have their student register their phone number and/or e-mail address. Once the student graduates, the contact information will be removed from the system.

Once you have signed up for text, voice or e-mail messages, you will be eligible for notifications immediately.


Parents, visitors, contractors, community members, and others can opt-in in to receive AU ALERT text messages using one of the following options.Message and data rates may apply. Text messages are sent on an as-needed basis.This service is provided per the ‍‍Terms of Use‍‍ and ‍‍Privacy Policy‍‍. Text STOP to 226787 to cancel or HELP for tech support.

  • Gameday visitors (1-3 days) can text AUGameday to 226787 (CAMPUS).
  • Visitors to Auburn may choose to receive text message alerts while participating in an event, camp, or program. Short term visitors can text AUVisitor to 226787 (CAMPUS) to receive text messages about emergency on campus. Users who subscribe will receive a message top opt-in at the end of the 7-day period for an additional seven days.
  • Families, friends, and community members can sign up for AU ALERTS by texting AuburnFamily to 226787 (CAMPUS). You will be enrolled indefinitely. You may text “STOP” to 226787 (CAMPUS) at any time to be removed from the system.

Students, faculty, and staff should not use this feature; instead, register your devices in AU Access using the AU ALERT link in the My Campus section. By doing so, you will be automatically unsubscribed when your AU user ID becomes inactive (for events such as graduation, retirement, etc).

Auburn Safety app

Download the Auburn Safety app to receive push notifications when AU ALERT messages are issued. To verify notifications are enabled, go to "About/Preferences" then "Notification Settings" and verify that "Enable Notifications" is selected.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are used to help spread the word about emergency situations on campus. While these are considered passive methods of notification and should not be solely relied upon, they can be a great way to supplement your emergency notification. We strongly encourage parents who wish to receive emergency notification to receive messages through Facebook or Twitter by following AU ALERT and download the free Auburn Safety app to receive push notifications.

Facebook:Like AU ALERT

To receive notifications when AU ALERT posts on Facebook, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the AU ALERT Page
  2. Click or Tap Following
  3. Click or Tap Notifications
  4. Adjust your notification settings, then click Done

Twitter:Follow AU ALERT

To receive notifications when AU ALERT tweets, follow the instructions below.
  1. Go to the AU ALERT profile page
  2. Click or tap the notification (bell) icon
  3. Click or tap Settings, go to Notifications, and adjust your notification preferences

Outdoor Warning Sirens

The eight (8) campus voice and tone sirens broadcast a tone followed by a voice message indicating the type of emergency and recommended action. The system is intended primarily to reach students, employees and visitors who are outdoors and can be used for any type of emergency by broadcasting pre-programmed messages or via live public address.

Indoor Public Address

Some campus buildings have an indoor public address system that can be utilized for emergency notification. The indoor public address system broadcasts a tone followed by a voice message indicating the type of emergency and recommended action. The system can be used for any type of emergency by broadcasting pre-programmed messages or via live public address. New buildings are being added to this system regularly.

Building Fire Alarms

Building fire alarms are in place to notify building occupants of potential fire dangers. If you hear the fire alarm, EVACUATE the building immediately unless the tone is followed by a voice message that tells you to do otherwise.

Desktop Alerting

The AU ALERT/Alertus Desktop Alert system provides a way to receive emergency alerts directly to university computers. When an emergency alert is sent, the message will be displayed prominently on your computer screen. The program is being installed on all university computers in offices, classrooms and computer labs. Employees can install the desktop client that is available throughAU Install(available for Windows and Mac).

Cable TV Emergency Alert System

The university cable television system is equipped with an emergency alert system that automatically broadcasts emergency messages issued by the National Weather Service and federal, state, or local emergency management agencies. This system can also be used to broadcast university-specific emergency messages in the event of a significant emergency.

Digital Displays

Emergency messages can also be broadcast via digital display devices that are installed in many campus buildings.

How do I remove my contact information from AU ALERT?

If you are a current student or employee, you can make changes to your contact information and notification preferences in AU Access, via the AU ALERT link on the My Campus tab.

If you are a family member or former student or employee, please email with the number(s) and/or email address(es) you would like to have removed from the system.

Last updated: 06/09/2023