Night Security Shuttle Service

Night Security Shuttle

The Auburn University Department of Campus Safety and Security is located at 543 West Magnolia Ave. The Night Security Shuttle is a service that operates between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m. and transports passengers to on-campus locations only. Hours of operation will change during home football games.  Shuttles will run as early as two hours post game based on traffic conditions.  Any student or staff can call (334) 844-7400 and speak with the dispatcher to request a pickup or use the Auburn Safety app's chat request feature.

All of the vans are clearly marked with a van number (ex. 182) and amber-colored strobe lights. Night Security Shuttle signs are located on both sides and on the rear. A blinking light denotes that the shuttle is in service. If a van approaches you for pickups without these identifications, please do not enter this van; instead, call 911.

The Night Security Shuttle Service prioritizes pickups in parking lots and other locations where patrons cannot wait in a secured building. 

The Night Security Shuttles are equipped with audio and video surveillance devices for investigational and training purposes as well as GPS tracking, to ensure the safety and security of all transported passengers. The Night Security Shuttle utilizes hand-held radios for communication. Therefore, keep your conversations and electronic devices at a respectable volume.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, the Night Security Shuttle Service has a transport van equipped for wheelchair accessibility.


Night Security Shuttle Passenger Guidelines

  • The Security Shuttle van provides pick up and drop off at Auburn University campus locations only.
  • Only one passengers per seat is allowed on the van as a safety precaution (no exceptions).
  • No passenger is to ride in the front seat as a safety precaution (no exceptions).
  • No weapons allowed (deadly or non-deadly).
  • No hazardous chemicals or materials.
  • No open food or drinks of any kind.
  • No consumption of alcohol and/or illegal substances.
  • No profanity or vulgar language.
  • No loud music from music players of any kind. Please utilize earbuds or headphones.
  • No conversations on cell phones or other portable media that would be considered by a reasonable person to be loud enough to be a disturbance to other passengers or the drivers.
  • No smoking or tobacco products, including use of e-cigarettes and smokeless/chewing tobacco.
  • No heavily intoxicated passengers will be allowed on the van (Auburn Police or Emergency Medical Services will be notified).
  • No behavior that would be considered by a reasonable person to be dangerous, disruptive, obscene, threatening, violent, inciting or insulting language and/or gestures (Auburn Police will be notified).
  • No fighting or mock fighting.
  • No throwing objects in the van or out the windows.
  • No panhandling or soliciting.
  • No gambling.
  • No harassing or intimidating other passengers.
  • No putting hands on or touching other passengers.
  • No animals, except for service animals, are allowed.
  • Do not walk in front of a moving vehicle. Make sure the shuttle has come to a complete stop before approaching.  After being dropped off, wait for the shuttle to pull away before crossing the street at a safe location.

Security Shuttle Drivers' Rights

  • To ensure the safety of all passengers, the Night Security Shuttle Service reserves the right to remove and/or deny service to any passenger who poses a threat to the safety of themselves or others.
  • Drivers have the right to refuse transportation and tell the passenger to remove themselves from the van if the passenger does not adhere to any of the Night Security Shuttle Passenger Guidelines. If the passenger continues to cause disruption, delays, or poses possible harm to the other passengers riding the van, the driver will drop off that passenger immediately to the first safe campus location (Auburn PD may be notified to assist).
  • Driver has the right to refuse transportation to any passenger that is not affiliated with Auburn University.  Driver has the right to request proof of affiliation.
  • Driver has the right not to transport passengers who are unresponsive, incoherent, or cannot enter the van on his/her own will (Auburn PD and/or Emergency Medical will be notified).
  • Our staff is expected to be professional and friendly.  Moreover, they are expected to abide by the same standards as our passengers. If you feel that one of our drivers or other staff violated your rights, compromised your safety, or violated any rules described in this section, please contact us at (334) 844-8888.
  • These regulations are provided and enforced by the Auburn University Department of Campus Safety and Security.
Last updated: 11/16/2023