Photo of Charles Hunt
Charles Hunt
Security Services Representative

Day Job:

My job varies depending on the needs of the campus day by day. Firstly, I provide safe and friendly transportation to students and/or faculty to and from Campus locations via the usage of the Security Shuttle vans. By actively partaking in the Security Shuttles, I can ensure that my passengers arrive to their destinations safely and in a timely manner. Secondly, I also conduct various patrols of “tours” that we have set up for a multitude of the buildings on campus. By actively partaking in the patrols that I do, I can ensure that the buildings on our routes are locked/unlocked at proper times, safe for students and staff, and prevent/report any problems that may arise. Lastly, I perform various dispatch duties ranging from answering/responding to calls, managing and relaying Security Shuttles to where they are needed, and assisting people via the front lobby and/or via the phone. By engaging in these dispatching duties, I provide services to help those in need, and maintain a controlled and efficient flow of Security Shuttles to pick up the hundreds, even thousands of calls we receive throughout the week.

Favorite Auburn Experience:

My favorite Auburn experience would have to be when I was part of a Security team to help at various football games at Jordan-Hare Stadium. I was never really into sports before, but to be down on the field of one of the football games, let alone being in the stadium, it was quite the thrilling and amazing experience. The loud speakers blasting music, the booming cheers from the thousands of people in the stands, the fireworks, the Flight of the Eagle, and the camaraderie of the fans throughout the city is stunning. Amazing memories made and many more to come.


I love spending time with my lovely wife and my family.  I am also really into video games and fun active games like pool, mini golf, and bowling. Aside from playing, I also have a passion for driving and find it very relaxing, especially when going on long road trips.

Last updated: 09/12/2022