Photo of Robert Meacham
Robert Meacham
Security Services Representative ll

Day Job:
The usual AU workday for me involves driving a Security Shuttle van but later I will be cross-trained in other duties such as campus security tours and radio dispatch.  The Security Shuttle is a much-appreciated resource for students who are often talkative with the drivers.  Students typically use the vans for after-dark cross-campus trips from park lots, the library, the recreation center, science labs, and many other locations.  The work is made enjoyable by the polite and curious students who ask me questions such as where I am from and what brought me to AU.

Favorite Auburn Experience:
My coworkers are always very helpful to me in learning my new job. The students are special too.  One nice experience I had while driving the shuttle involved meeting a student from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  It is a city I know well from many visits there and she was surprised that I knew so much about her country and that I could converse with her in Spanish. Many foreign students use the Security Shuttle and it is always great to meet someone from faraway exotic locations. 

My interests include spending time outdoors with my wife and six children.  I enjoy bicycling, skateboard land paddling, and slow-fire pistol shooting.  I love reading history and three eras that are of special interest to me are the Mediterranean in the time of the Apostle Paul, the English Civil War of the 1640s, and the “Camelot” era of the White House in the early 1960s.

Last updated: 08/14/2022