Photo of Adrian L. Curry
Adrian L. Curry
Assistant Supervisor, Security Services

Day Job:
My job consists of multiple duties: Dispatcher, campus security authority and van driver. As a dispatcher, I address calls from emergency to non-emergency and record significant information to the appropriate people. As a CSA, I perform scheduled and random checks of designated areas throughout the campus looking for any security and safety issues. I also notify the maintenance staff of any issues concerning the buildings. I cooperate with other security elements such as Murray Guard, Auburn police and fire departments to establish an effective relationship to keep the campus safe. I operate a 16-passenger van to transport students between various destinations as assigned. I also perform vehicle maintenance and operate the van in a safe manner with all the appropriate documentation.

Favorite Auburn Experience:
I don't have a single Auburn experience on which I can focus, but I can recall many Auburn interactions with a lot of devoted fans during various game days. I remember being tasked at the front gate for duty and people coming over from across the parking lot to offer me food and drinks from their tailgate party. I was never an Auburn fan, but great interactions such as those makes you want to be one. It's events such as that which stands out to me.

My hobbies are basketball, boxing, football, biking, running, dancing, chess and working on cars.

Last updated: 08/14/2022