Photo of Michael (Mike) Adams
Michael (Mike) Adams
Clery Compliance Specialist

Day Job:
Each day dealing with Clery Compliance brings its own unique challenges! While we share responsibility in ensuring that crimes occurring on AU geography are appropriately categorized and added to our crime log. My role is to ensure our geography is up to date for the main campus (and our eleven separate campuses) as well as to ensure any new campuses are identified and brought into compliance with the Clery law. I also focus on ensuring the university maintains a current list of Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) and that they are offered necessary training to perform this role (AU currently has more than 1,200 CSAs). Training is my favorite part of my job! Every day I also do my part to prepare for our annual security reports that are completed for each campus.

Favorite Auburn Experience:
Having been stationed all over the country (and world) during my 25-year military career, Auburn athletics always provided a way to remain connected to my home state and family. Watching the 2010 National Championship game from our home in Juneau, Alaska, was certainly one of my fondest memories and provided an opportunity to educate Juneau natives on Auburn University and the sport of football! Now that I work at Auburn, getting to experience the games in-person with my three boys is a highlight of being at Auburn.

I love sports, hiking and just being outside. A not so common hobby I have is railroad history. My grandfather and two great-grandfathers worked for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad all their collective adult lives so I have a keen interest in the L&N. I have been working on a history of the Alabama Mineral Railroad, which the L&N operated, for about 20-years and hope to have it published one day.

Last updated: 08/14/2022