COSAM News Articles 2013 October Plant Gene Expression (BIOL 5320/6320) to be offered in Spring 2014

Plant Gene Expression (BIOL 5320/6320) to be offered in Spring 2014

Published: 10/04/2013

Spring 2014
BIOL 5320/6320: Plant Gene Expression
4 Credit hours

Topics to be covered in this course:

Plant genome:

  • Features of plant genomes

Expression and regulation of nuclear genes:

  • Organization and structure of nuclear genes
  • Transcriptional, post-transcriptional and translational controls
  • Epigentic gene regulation
  • Signal transduction

Expression and regulation of chloroplast genes:

  • Organization and regulation of ct gene

Expression and regulation of mitochondrial genes:

  • Organization and regulation of mt genes
  • Cytoplasmic male sterility

Transposable elements in plants:

  • Type I and Type II elements
  • Insertion and excision mechanisms

Plant viral genomes:

  • RNA, DNA virus, viroids

Plant-microbe interactions: symbiosis and pathogenesis:

  • Pathogenesis and symbiosis
  • Agrobacterium-plant interactions

Gene transfer in plants:

  • Gene transfer in plants
  • Optimization of transgene expressions

Plant biotechnology:

  • Issues and successes


Instructor: Dr. Narendra Singh (

Prerequisites: Departmental approval

Lecture: Tue and Thu from 3.30 to 4.45 PM

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