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Three BioSci Clubs participate in Sleep in the Deep event at the Tennessee Aquarium.


Our department’s Marine Biology Club, Microbiology Club, and Society for Conservation Biology Chapter collaborated on a 3-club overnight field trip to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. Faculty advisors, Tony Moss, Mark Liles, and Bob Boyd (along with faculty member Sharon Roberts) arranged for a unique field trip. Leaving campus on the Friday before the last weekend in March, 51 members and guests traveled to the aquarium for a tour of the exhibits (including some behind-the-scenes stops) and the IMAX movie on the Great White Shark. We bedded down on the floor in the exhibit area and slept while fish and sea jellies in the exhibits continued their activities under dim nocturnal lighting. After breakfast Saturday morning, we spent a little more time in the exhibits before heading back to Auburn. Students were able to ask museum staff questions about the exhibits and also about careers in aquaria and conservation education and enjoyed a memorable educational experience.

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Auburn Biological Sciences students visit Dauphin Island Sea Lab.


Auburn Biological Sciences students were tired but happy at the end of the day following their trip out on the R/V Alabama Discovery out of Dauphin Island Sea Lab. The group traveled 11 miles offshore, collected plankton, and ran both a Peterson grab and a beam trawl at 65 foot depth. Most of the animals can be seen in the Biodiversity Learning Center.

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Awards for Njuma and Paul from Alabama Academy of Sciences


Olive Njuma and Samir Paul won first-place and second-place awards in the Chemistry section of the ninety-first meeting of the Alabama Academy of Sciences, held in Auburn on March 12-14, 2014.  Ms. Njuma and Mr. Paul are students of Dr. Douglas Goodwin and Dr. Vincenzo Cammarata, respectively.

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Mentoring Matters


Members of the Promoting Academic Success for Students (PASS) Peer Mentoring Program participated in an event to bring together friends, fellowship, and service. The Promoting Academic Success for Students (PASS) Mentoring Program Reconnect Meeting was held on January 20, 2014. This meeting focused on “Mentoring Matters.” Mentors and mentees arrived by 4:00 p.m. and signed in. The meeting included reflections on the fall semester and upcoming events such as the Mentor of the Year Award. Questions for mentors included: What kind of mentor are you? What are your goals for mentoring this semester? The discussions lead to addressing some of the common issues students face and the importance of the mentor/mentee relationship. Each mentee shared his or her experience. The meeting revealed some great mentor/mentee matches. Experiences with mentors included mentors are great advisors on various situations from joining organizations to coursework to networking on campus. Overall, each mentor/mentee relationship is going very well. The meeting was wrapped up by thanking everyone for their participation and encouraging the mentee/mentor pairs to continue getting to know each other.

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Outstanding Graduate Student Award for B. Maynard


Branson Maynard will receive an Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the Graduate Council at its annual awards ceremony on April 21, 2014.

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