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COSAM Summer Bridge Program a Success

Published: 07/07/2014

Event: COSAM Summer Bridge Program

Date: June 1-26, 2014

Attendance: 28 students

Location:Auburn University campus

Twenty-eight participants were selected to attend the 2014 Summer Bridge program (June 1-26, 2014). Six males and 22 female students participated in and completed the program. Since female students are outnumbering the male students in higher education, the Summer Bridge program will continue to diligently recruit highly motivated, African-American males in an effort to curtail the rapidly declining college enrollment of this demographic group. Participants were from five states: Alabama (15), Florida (1), Georgia (10), Illinois (1), and Tennessee (1).  Twenty six of the students plan to major in pre-professional programs or curricula in Mathematics and Sciences, and two plan to major in Engineering.

The Eighteenth Annual Awards Luncheon was held on June 26, 2014 at the Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center. Dr. Nicholas Giordano, Dean of the College of Sciences and Mathematics, presided over the luncheon and introduced the speaker, Sonya Jenkins, a 1992 graduate of Auburn University with a bachelor of science in mathematics with a computer science concentration. Mrs. Jenkins’ message was titled “Eyes on the Journey.” This presentation captivated the audience and detailed how the journey, the destination, and the lessons learned along the way lead to success in college. Her husband, Paul, was also present at the luncheon. 

In addition to the program speaker, Summer Bridge students, Kierra Goins, Jay Harris, Somer Marshall, and Katelyn Simpkins shared reflections of their experiences during the Summer Bridge Program. Jay Harris stated, “The program gave me a positive prospective on college and motivated me to do well in my academic journey here at Auburn University.” Katelyn Simpkins stated, “I really enjoyed this program because we not only gained academic knowledge but also knowledge pertaining to being the best students that we can be from networking with department chairs to become more familiar with the campus, the dorms, and the busy class schedule.” James Morris offered the invocation. Dr. Giordano presented program participants with certificates acknowledging their achievements over the summer. He was assisted by Dr. Bianca Evans and Ms. Marissa Bolling

The luncheon was attended by COSAM Department heads and representatives. Summer Bridge faculty and staff, parents and friends of participants, and a host of faithful friends and supporters of the COSAM Summer Bridge Program were also in attendance.

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