COSAM News Articles 2015 February Biology Clubs hold the 2nd Biology Trivia Night!

Biology Clubs hold the 2nd Biology Trivia Night!

Published: 02/24/2015

All four student clubs in Biological Sciences (Tri Beta, Society for Conservation Biology, Microbiology Club, Marine Biology Club) held a Jeopardy-style Biology Trivia contest on February 23, 2015. Members from the clubs formed interdisciplinary teams that then attempted to answer questions about biological subjects. Organized by the faculty advisors of the clubs (led by Mark Liles, and including Tony Moss, Paul Cobine, Betty Elder and Bob Boyd), six student groups of about six students each competed fiercely for a set of prizes while eating pizza and a selection of desserts made by Betty Elder. Much knowledge was shared and students had a lot of fun during the event. The top prize was “Ecocubes” containing Hawaiian Red Shrimp graciously donated by Professor Scott Santos.

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