COSAM News Articles 2015 April SCB and Honors Biology hold night swamp walk

SCB and Honors Biology hold night swamp walk

Published: 04/08/2015

BIOL 1037 (Honors Organismal Biology) joined with SCB for a night swamp walk in Tuskegee National Forest, guided by Shawn Jacobsen, Dr. Debbie Folkerts, and Dr. Djibo Zanzot (all from DBS) and Scott Clem (current M.S. student in Entomology, DBS B.S. alumnus, and former SCB President). Nineteen students enjoyed exploring some wetland sites: Scott Clem set up blacklights to attract insects at 2 locations. We found (and heard) owls, frogs, toads, snakes, spiders, insects, fungi, and even explored some of the plant diversity encountered by flashlight. Students learned a lot about the many biological groups encountered during several hours spent exploring the sites.

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