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Message from Dean Giordano – August 2019

Published: 08/06/2019

By: Dean Giordano

The College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) focuses on creating a solid foundation for all of our students so that they can attain academic success and pursue meaningful careers. More than half of our students go on to attend graduate or professional school upon graduation.

Our college offers an array of supportive programs that help our students achieve their goals.  

The Pre-Professional Advisory Committee has helped students prepare for acceptance into leading medical schools with assistance in completing applications, preparing for competitive entrance exams and interviews, and submitting letters of recommendation.

The Office of Student Services ensures that all students have professional advising to keep them on the right track with their academic advisor.

The Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity offers equal access for all students regardless of their backgrounds. This office works to help students feel welcomed and accepted into our college and community.

COSAM continues to proactively facilitate the success of our students.

This week, the 2019 Plainsmen’s Prep Program began. This program is an opportunity for students to take a refresher course (sometime affectionally known as a bootcamp!) in mathematics followed by an opportunity to retake the math placement exam. The hope is that with this extra refresher experience these students can successfully improve their math course placement into the math course required for their intended major, usually Calculus I. Last year a majority of the students in the program were able to improve their placement in this way, and they had the same level of success in the course as students who tested at this level originally.  With the program having more students than ever before this year, the Plainsmen’s Prep Program is a testament on how our university helps students attain success, graduate without taking additional courses, and be on track to finish in four years.

In COSAM the goal is to do all we can to help students finish their undergraduate degree in four years. We certainly recognize that students will face challenges, bumps in the road, but we are committed to helping them overcome these challenges so that they can complete their degree on-time.

Our college is committed to student success. Upon graduation, I want all of our students to feel they can achieve virtually anything. With our support and encouragement, COSAM students can make a lasting impact throughout the world.

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