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It’s Almost Here: Tiger Giving Day 2020

Published: 02/11/2020

In just one week, Tiger Giving Day will take place on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. The College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) will have two projects for this year, an amphitheater at Auburn’s Arboretum and SynDaver Anatomy lab models. Learn more about these two projects:

Arboretum Amphitheater

As the Donald E. Davis Arboretum continues renovations, we ask for your assistance to help fund the construction of an outdoor instructional and educational amphitheater space near the pond. The Davis Arboretum, housed under the College of Sciences and Mathematics at Auburn University, is a 13.5 acre public nature facility. It provides visitors with a place to enjoy a natural setting and experience the native plants and habitats of Alabama. The amphitheater would allow student groups of all ages to learn and study in a natural setting. The amphitheater will seat approximately 40 students and be utilized by local schools, Auburn University classes, and local community groups and organizations. The amphitheater will foster collaboration and discussion, as well as hands-on learning experiences. Portions of the amphitheater would be constructed using composite, environmentally friendly materials. The project will be a collaboration with the McWhorter School of Building Science to complete construction. The amphitheater project will be complemented by a larger pier renovation project that is dedicated to making the Arboretum a place for everyone in our community.

SynDaver Anatomy Lab Models

This Tiger Giving Day, COSAM hopes to raise funds to purchase SynDaver Anatomy Lab models to be used in Anatomy and Physiology Lab classes. The ultimate goal is to provide students with the most authentic appearance to a real cadaver so that they are as prepared as possible for professional school and future careers. SynDavers, precise dissectible models, are perfect alternatives to preserved animals, such as the cats our students currently use. With an expected usage of at least 8 to 10 years, the models will allow for increased participation and relevance by our students, and eliminate the need for yearly animal purchases. Funds raised will help purchase an arm model and a leg model to be used in classes. The recent addition of the full body SynDaver model to the Anatomy and Physiology classes has proven beneficial and has students excited about learning in a new way. The hands on application of the SynDaver has been successful, but more models are needed to better serve students and further equip instructors with this validated technology. Learn more about what a SynDaver is in a special podcast.

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