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Don't miss the December 5 Science Cafe at Botanic

Published: 11/21/2023

By: Chris Martin

Join us for an exciting evening of geological exploration at Botanic, hosted by COSAM Outreach and the Department of Geosciences! On Tuesday, December 5 at 6 pm, we invite you to delve into the fascinating natural history of Alabama.

Discover rocks that record violent volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and even a meteor impact that left a five-mile-wide crater in the middle of the state. Find out why Alabama’s geologic past gave rise to landscapes so diverse, the state is home to a chart-topping number of species. From Appalachiosaurus to amber-encased insects, Mark and Laura Steltenpohl will uncover the hidden gems of Alabama's natural history that lie right beneath our feet, while also providing the unique opportunity to purchase a signed copy of their recently published book “Roadside Geology of Alabama”.

But that's not all! If you RSVP for this enlightening event and attend, you'll have a chance to win one of two $50 gift cards to Botanic! Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Alabama's geological history and a chance to take home a valuable prize. 

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