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Department of Geosciences celebrates Earth Day

Published: 04/23/2024

By: Maria Gebhardt

“As we celebrate Earth Day, we are highlighting the importance of geology and geography for supporting our planet Earth and environmental protection,” said Ming-Kuo Lee, chair of the Department of Geosciences on the Campus Green during the 2024 Earth Day Extravaganza hosted by the University Program Council. “We can use our knowledge in geoscience to make the planet a better place to live, in a sustainable way.”

All attendees were excited to get to see Stan, a Tyrannosaurus rex skull, up close. There were also displays from the department including learning how minerals are used in every single day life such as nickel, gold, iron and copper.

Students even had fun painting rocks to resemble animals.  

Another exhibit explained how research is conducted with drones in the department. A drone is programmed a route, then it launches and flies the route, and finally the photos it captures are compiled into an incredible aerial view through software mapping.

Students also learned about a special graduate program specializing in climate resiliency. The NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) program is developing the next generation of climate scientists.

“I am proud of all faculty, staff and students from the Department of Geosciences for sharing the importance of Earth Day with our campus community,” Lee added.


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