Licensing Administration Certification Program

The Association of Alabama Tax Administrators with support from the Government & Economic Development Institute at Auburn University provides a certification program to increase the knowledge and professionalism of those involved in licensing administration. The program is designed to provide greater proficiency and understanding to individuals working in the county licensing offices.

Objectives of the Program:
  1. Provide a foundation of knowledge and skills to those individuals involved in licensing administration.
  2. Maintain high standards of service to the public in the performance of licensing services and promote improvements in the administration of the license tax laws of the State of Alabama.
  3. Increase professionalism in the county licensing offices.

The program is composed of four tested courses and continuing education maintenance.

Courses and Descriptions
  • Titles (20 hours)

    This course provides a general overview regarding the proper procedures for processing applications for certificate of title. An explanation of current title laws, rules and forms is included in the course. Various examples of common title documents are presented. Prerequisite: Introduction to Licensing Processes

  • Licensing Administration and Registration (30 hours)

    This course provides knowledge on the legal impact of the legislative process on licensing of motor vehicles, the valuation and collection processes of licensing of motor vehicles, and the Department of Revenue regulations as they apply to the licensing of motor vehicles. Also addressed are the minimum standards as established by the Examiners of Public Accounts and memorandums. An overview of the registration process is also presented. Prerequisite: Introduction to Licensing Processes

  • Conservation, Licensing and Manufactured Homes (20 hours)

    This course focuses on the process for licensing all aspects of conservation such as boating, fishing and hunting. The course also provides knowledge on the processes of licensing and taxing manufactured homes and discusses processes for driver’s license administration and renewals. Prerequisite: Introduction to Licensing Processes

Certification Requirements:

A minimum of three years' experience in the offices of License Commissioner, Probate Judge, Tax Assessor, Tax Collector or Revenue Commissioner is required. This must be applied experience in which the applicant performs the full range of activities applicable to the office in which they are employed.

Certification Maintenance:

After completion of the certification program and awarding of the certification designation, participants must maintain their certification by continuing education. Twenty hours of approved courses must be successfully completed every three years to maintain certification. These hours may consist of any courses described in the Licensing Administration curriculum or the Property Tax Certification program, which have not already been taken within the last five years. Attendance and participation in the Annual Licensing Officials Conference, the AATA Conferences and District Meetings, the AAAO Conferences and District Meetings, and the Probate Judges Association are also accepted for continuing education.

Participants may receive up to 10 hours of credit from courses outside of the certification program and conferences mentioned above. Approval of these courses will be provided on a case by case basis to the Licensing Education Committee. Please send request for approval to the Government & Economic Development Institute, 213 Extension Hall, Auburn University, AL 36849.

Registration/Cancellation Rule:

Provided that space is available, receipt of the registration form constitutes registration. Written cancellations, received fifteen (15) working days prior to the beginning of the program will be honored with a partial refund of the registration fee, but will be assessed a $50 administrative charge. Due to commitments to instructors and meeting facilities, late cancellations or non-attendance will not be refunded. Substitutions for registered participants may be made at any time.

July 12-14, 2023 (20 hours) – Introduction to the Licensing Administration
  • Location: Montgomery, Alabama
    Registration Fee: $325
August 16-18, 2023 (20 hours) – Titles
  • Location: Montgomery, Alabama
    Registration Fee: $325
September 20-22, 2023 (20 hours) – Conservation, Licensing & Manufactured Homes
  • Location: Montgomery, Alabama
    Registration Fee: $325
October 18-20, 2023 (20 hours) – Licensing Administration and Registration
  • Location: Montgomery, Alabama
    Registration Fee: $325

Last Updated: October 17, 2022