Doing Business with Auburn University

Auburn University makes significant contributions to the Alabama economy. Graduates provide knowledge and leadership for state industries, and researchers develop new products and discover new ways to improve productivity. Through outreach, faculty work directly with clients to provide information and to solve problems. More than 50 current Auburn University programs and initiatives are making a positive difference for the state economy. According to AU's Economic Development Institute, Auburn has documented economic impact of more than $4 billion on the state's economy, stimulating demand for new jobs, producing human capitol and providing the principal academic expertise for the industries that employee almost a half-million other individuals. More than 75,000 Auburn graduates live in Alabama, contributing to their local economies and to the productive capacity of industry. With a collective earning capacity of $2.4 billion, these alumni form a base educated and skilled workers that enhance the production and earnings capacity of businesses throughout the state. AU makes a significant contribution to the maintenance of a skilled workforce through providing continuing education programs for more than 45,000 individuals each year.

The links below have been created as resources for our business partners and others interested in doing business with Auburn University.