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Program Assessment


Assessment reports that scores at least a 3.0 (Mature) on every element of the Quality Assessment Rubric are designated as “Exemplary.” In the 2017-2018 assessment cycle, 51 assessment reports received this designation! Many of these “Exemplary” assessment reports are available to view, by college, below.
Program Years
Food Science, BS 2016-2017
Poultry Science, BS 2016-2017
Poultry Sciences and Food Science, PhD 2016-2017
Program Years
Building Science, BS 2019
Building Science, BS 2018
Real Estate Development, MRED 2018
Building Science, BS 2016-2017
Building Science Construction, MBC 2019-2020
Building Science Construction, MBC 2016-2017
Construction Management Certificate 2016-2017
Integrated Processes Construction Management Certificate 2016-2017
Industrial Design, MIND 2016-2017
Program Years
Accountancy, BSBA 2018
Program Years
Educational Psychology, PhD 2018
Library Media, MEd 2018
Program Evaluation, GCRT 2018
Special Education, Collaborative Teacher Special Education, BS/MED 2018
EnglishESL MED 2016-2017
Program Years
Aerospace Engineering, BS 2018
Biosystems Engineering, BBSE 2018
Program Years
Brewing Science, GCRT 2018
Human Development and Family Studies, BS 2019
Nutrition PreMed, BS 2018
Consumer and Design Sciences, MS/MSNT and PhD 2016-2017
Nutrition, MS 2016-2017
Nutrition, PhD 2016-2017
Program Years
Master of Community Planning 2018
English, BA 2018
Fine Arts, BFA 2018
French, BA 2016-2017
German, BA 2016-2017
Health Services Administration, BS 2016-2017
Music, BA 2016-2017
Philosophy, BA 2016-2017
Public Administration and Public Policy, PhD 2016-2017
Psychology, BA 2016-2017
Social Work, BA 2016-2017
Spanish, BA 2016-2017
Theatre, BA 2016-2017
Theatre- Theatre Performance, BFA 2016-2017
Pharmaceutical Sciences - Health Outcomes Research and Policy Option, PhD 2016-2017
Program Years
Organismal Biology, BS 2018
Medical Laboratory Science, BS 2016-2017
Program Years
Veterinary Medicine, DVM 2018