Josh Henderson
Office of Information Technology
Phone: +1 (334) 844-9344

Past Chair

Clint Lovelace
Advising, Engineering
Phone: +1 (334) 844-6313


Thomas Sawyer
Office of Information Technology
Phone: +1 (334) 844-9381

Committee Chairs (voted by each committee during the annual retreat)


Chair: Nominations & Elections

Fallon Hartsell
Pharmacy Admin
Phone: +1 (334) 844-4000

Chair: Professional Development

Laura Pattillo
Education Administration
Phone: +1 (334) 844-7321

Chair: Welfare

Stephanie Kadletz
Raptor Rehab
Phone: +1 (334) 539-2262

Chair: Grevance

Kiah Crider
Office of the Registrar
Phone: +1 (334) 844-2507

Place Representatives

Place 1: Office of the President

AA/EEO, HR, Comm & Mktg, Gen Coun, Govt Affairs, Internal Auditing, Diversity and Inclusion, President's Office, Risk Mgmt & Safety, Sec. to Board of Trustees, Alumni, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (President and Chief Operating Officer, VP-Alumni)

Place 2: Athletics


Place 3: Facilities


Place 4: Provost Office, Library


Place 5: ACES & Outreach, Center for Government Services, Economic Development Institute, Outreach Program Office

(President and VP-Outreach)

Place 6: Information Technology

(Chief Information Officer)

Place 7: Development


Place 8: Student Affairs, Enrollment Services

(SVP Student Affairs)

Place 9: College of Business, College of Science and Math


Place 10: College of Education, College of Liberal Arts


Place 11: College of Engineering


Place 12: College of Veterinary Medicine


Place 13: Graduate School, College of Architecture, Design & Construction, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy


Place 14: College of Forestry-Wildlife Sciences, College of Human Sciences


Place 15: College of Agriculture, Alabama Ag. Experiment Station


Place 16: Research, Sponsored Programs, Office of Technology Transer, Space Power Institute, Compliance - Animal Resources & Human Subjects


Place 17: Business and Finance, Student Financial Services, Payroll & Employee Benefits, Procurement & Payment Services, Contracts & Grants Acctg. Controller, Budget Services, Treasurer, Alumni Acctg, Develpment Acctg.

(VP-Business and Finance)

Place 18: Admin. Services,AU Aviation, Air Transportation, Auxiliary Enterprises, Bookstore, Parking & Transit Services, Campus Safety

(Chief Operating Officer)

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