COSAM News Articles 2017 March Dr. Dean Hoffman receives the 2017 Kraska Award

Dr. Dean Hoffman receives the 2017 Kraska Award

Published: 03/13/2017

Dr. Dean Hoffman is the recipient of the 2017 Kraska Award based on the recommendation of the Award Committee, which consists of

Dr. John Gorden (Committee chair) of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Bin Yeh (current graduate student)
Dr. Joe Chaffee (our PhD graduate)

The following statement is from the Award Committee:

"Having read the numerous letters of support for Dr. Hoffman from both his colleagues and his students, it is clear to the committee his passion for education, his unique approach to teaching, and his willingness to help students are top notch.  It is most evident that Dr. Hoffman's teaching is considered exceptional by both his colleagues and students.  The variety and range of courses he teaches is remarkable as well. The overwhelming support for his application no doubt reflects his passion and love for teaching Mathematics, and based on this, we believe he exceeds the criterion for the Marie Kraska award."

The award will be presented to Dr. Hoffman at the end-of-Spring-semester gathering on 4/28, 5-7pm.

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