Beginning fall 2023, Auburn University is engaging in a comprehensive process to develop a visionary and transformative strategic plan to be launched in 2024. Our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, impactful service and outreach, and delivering exceptional research and discovery are the ethos of our mission and serve as the foundation for our next Strategic Plan. By engaging stakeholders inside and outside our institution in a robust planning process, we will “Focus on our Foundations” by identifying new approaches that advance Auburn University’s role as a global leader in higher education and strengthen our position among land-grant institutions.

Building on the success of the university’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan, Auburn will initiate an inclusive and exhaustive process that fosters ample opportunities for input from the Auburn Family, our constituents, and the communities we serve. Co-chaired by Provost Vini Nathan, Dr. Kerry Inger, and Dr. Hari Narayanan, the planning committee will work to cultivate goals and strategies to improve the quality of instruction, research, extension, and outreach while advancing our administrative operations.

As we strengthen our core goals of providing an exceptional student experience, delivering impactful research and scholarship, and fulfilling our commitment to innovation and excellence, we will also articulate goals and strategies that reimagine our campus as a flagship R1 university.



Planning Timeline

1. Determine committee members and the planning committee, 2. Set vision goals and plan timeline, assess metrics for prior plans, Set key dates, Create website, complete benchmarking 3. Announce listening sessions, offcampus sessions, SWOT analyses

1. Oct-Nov - continue listening sessions, disseminate survey, draft situational analysis 2. Nov/Dec - Asess findings and themes, identify metrics and benchmark, Update BOT

Finalize Plan And Approval - Feb/Mar - Socialize draft and share with constituent groups 2. Mar/Apr Update BOT, Concurrently draft implementation and investment plan 3. June 24 BOT approval

Stakeholder Engagement

Throughout the Strategic Planning process, members of the campus community will be invited to submit thoughts and ideas to support Auburn’s Strategic Planning efforts through one or more of the following opportunities:

On-Campus Listening Sessions:

The on campus listening sessions were held during fall 2023. More than 300 faculty, staff and students participated in the hour-long sessions to provide constructive feedback on key questions about Auburn’s future. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Statewide Listening Sessions:

Held in each of Alabama’s legislative districts, the university will engage alumni, industry leaders, parents, extension faculty, and other members of the Auburn Family in listening sessions to provide insights and perspectives that are invaluable to shaping Auburn’s future.

White Papers:

Members of the Auburn Family were invited to submit a “white paper” describing a strategic initiative they believe warrants consideration as part of the strategic planning process and describe new activities or those already underway. Submissions will close on Jan. 31, 2024

Strategic Planning Committee

To lead Auburn's planning efforts, a 26-member strategic planning committee has been identified to help facilitate our process and engage members of the campus community and beyond. Representing diverse areas of campus, the committee will work alongside our institution’s stakeholders to identify strategic areas of emphasis and gather diverse perspectives. In addition to the committee, members of Auburn’s campus community will have ample opportunity to provide their ideas, thoughts and feedback to the plan.

vini nathan

EmailVini Nathan

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kerry Inger

EmailKerry Inger

Harbert College Advisory Council Professor, School of Accountancy, Harbert College of Business

Hari Narayanan

EmailHari Narayanan

Chair, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, and John H. and Gail Watson Professor

Jennifer Adams

EmailJennifer Adams

Executive Director, Public Affairs & Executive Communication, Office of the President

Stephen Erath

EmailStephen Erath

Professor Department of Human Development and Family Science, College of Human Sciences

Elizabeth Huntley

EmailElizabeth Huntley

Auburn University Board of Trustees, District 6

Joffery Gaymon

EmailJoffery Gaymon

Vice President for Enrollment Management

Jason Hicks

EmailJason Hicks

Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Julie Huff

EmailJulie Huff

Assistant Provost for Academic Operations, Facilities, & Initiatives

Soolim Jeong

EmailSoolim Jeong

2023-24 President, Graduate Student Council and Graduate Student, School of Kinesiology, College of Education

JD Jones

EmailJD Jones

2023-24 President, Student Government Association and Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Sciences

Robert Judd

EmailRobert Judd

Boshell Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology

Dan King

EmailDan King

Associate Vice President for Facilities

Tin-Man Lau

EmailTin-Man Lau

Graduate Program Officer and PlayCore Professor, School of Industrial and Graphic Design, College of Architecture, Design and Construction

Clint Lovelace

EmailClint Lovelace

Manager of Academic Programs, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and Past Chair, A&P Assembly

Paul Patterson

EmailPaul Patterson

Dean, College of Agriculture and Director, Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station

Djenane Paul

EmailDjenane Paul

Deputy Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator, Auburn Athletics

Mike Phillips

EmailMike Phillips

Professor and Director of Extension

Ashley Reid

EmailAshley Reid

Administrative Support Specialist, Clinical Affairs and Outreach, Harrison College of Pharmacy and Past Chair, Staff Council

Quentin Riggins

EmailQuentin Riggins

President Pro Tempore, Auburn University Board of Trustees

Kelli Shomaker

EmailKelli Shomaker

Senior Vice President for Business and Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Todd Steury

EmailTodd Steury

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment and Past Chair, University Senate

Steven Taylor

EmailSteven Taylor

Senior Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Chippewa Thomas

EmailChippewa Thomas

Associate Provost for University Engagement, Office of University Outreach and Professor of Counselor Education

Rob Wellbaum

EmailRob Wellbaum

Senior Vice President for Advancement

Bobby Woodard

EmailBobby Woodard

Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

Presidential Vision

Auburn University’s strategic plan will build on President Roberts’ vision for Auburn University, articulated during his installation as Auburn’s 21st president in April 2023.