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Note: This "Good to Know!" published on March 18, 2016.    

Purpose: Recognizing employees who demonstrate significant increases in job value

The job family promotion process facilitates recognizing those employees who work in jobs allocated to a job family series and are performing higher levels of work (job content value,) requiring higher levels of skill (through planned professional development requirements,) and effort (complexity, scope, difficulty,) without the need to submit a reclassification review request to Human Resources.  Please note: the availability of an additional level within the employee’s current classification family does not, on its own, indicate that an employee should be promoted; rather, there is potential for a promotion consideration.   Employees being considered for promotion must meet each of the following criteria:

  1. Eligibility threshold #1 ‐ of the length of time at current level within the job family series, AND the

  2. Eligibility threshold #2 ‐ of the completion of development requirements for the next higher level within

    the family, and their supervisor’s performance development expectations, AND the

  3. Validation of warranted promotion ‐ through the demonstration of the higher level duties, responsibilities, and accountability, as specified in their job descriptions.

HR Liaisons should coach supervisors on the purpose and intent of the Job Family Promotion process, and reinforce the importance of validating the employees’ contribution of higher level duties, responsibilities, and accountability as specified on the job descriptions.

Submission Deadline – The deadline for submitting to Human Resources is April 1st, 2016.  

Questions and comments about the Job Family Promotion Program can be directed to your Human Resources Liaison or our office at 844-4145 or

Funding – New budget model reinforcing importance of validating significant increases in job value:

While historically, this program had been centrally funded, University leadership provides a budget/funding reminder for 2016:   “Under the new budget model, all revenues are being allocated to the academic colleges/schools and the concept of base budget will not exist under the model.  There will not be a central pool for allocation for job family and faculty promotions and all funding for such increases will be provided at the local level.  Central units will include their job family promotion amounts as a part of their budget requests that will be submitted in April.  Once all central unit budgets are known, those budgets will be allocated to the academic/auxiliary/divisional units by use of the appropriate variable.”   

Questions and comments about funding for the Job Family Promotion Program can be directed to Budget Services at 844‐5852. You can also contact your Human Resources Liaison or our office at 844-4145 or

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