The mission of the Title IX/AA/EEO Office is to ensure the well-being of every member of the university community through the provision of fair services and resources. These include education, inquiries, and the coordination of care concerning issues related to discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and sexual or interpersonal misconduct.

Our goal is to cultivate a culture that fosters personal responsibility and accountability, empowering members to stand against acts of violence and discrimination and take back their community.

The Title IX/AA/EEO Office is dedicated to upholding the University's mission of fostering an environment conducive to learning for all students and a professional workplace for employees. We actively work to establish or restore a respectful, safe, and inclusive community that is devoid of discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and sexual or interpersonal violence. In our commitment to providing this support, the Title IX/AA/EEO Office, in collaboration with campus partners, aims to:

  • Enhance awareness through proactive educational and training initiatives.

  • Utilize data to monitor the campus atmosphere and make informed decisions regarding targeted educational programs.

  • Connect students and employees with resources and offer accommodations to facilitate them obtaining the support they need.

  • Encourage individuals to report incidents without fear of retaliation, ensuring a prompt and impartial response and/or investigation.

  • Ensure timely and equitable resolution of reports.

  • Foster a University community that promotes personal integrity, civility, and mutual respect in an environment free from discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and interpersonal violence.


Map to our location.
317 Foy Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama 36849
(334) 844-4794
Last updated: 10/20/2023