Terms and Conditions for use of Title IX Advisor Services

Title IX Advisors are a resource for individuals who are involved in cases that fall under the Policy on Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy. This team of faculty and staff are trained to provide support, guidance, and information about the Policy and the accompanying procedures. They are available to both Complainants and Respondents (“parties”), and offer step-by-step assistance to involved parties on an individual level.
A Title IX Advisor can:
  • Review, clarify, and assist the party with understanding the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and the procedures for responding to alleged violations of the Policy.
  • Review and clarify the terms of a No-Contact Directive and/or interim measures issued by the Title IX Coordinator.
  • Assist with understanding the investigation and adjudication processes.
  • Reinforce the importance of meeting deadlines and complying with directives.
  • Accompany the party to meetings with the Title IX Office as a support person.
  • Review documents issued by the Title IX Office to the parties. (Note: The Office of AA/EEO &Title IX will not provide these documents directly to the Title IX Advisor, but the party may provide the documents to the Advisor if appropriate waivers are signed.)
  • Provide general support.
  • Provide information and referral to university and community-based resources for additional support needs.
Title IX Advisors are not confidential resources. While the Title IX Advisor will honor the privacy considerations of the party and will not disclose information unless required by law or university policy, the Title IX Advisor cannot guarantee confidentiality. Per University policy, any information shared by a party to a Title IX Advisor concerning the details of an alleged incident must be shared with the Title IX Coordinator, and threats of harm to self or others must be reported. Additionally, information shared with a Title IX Advisor may be subject to a subpoena from a court of law. A list of confidential and non-confidential resources is available.
Title IX Advisors are NOT affiliated with the Office of AA/EEO & Title IX and do not have knowledge of the details of a case unless those details are shared with the Advisor by the party. Because Advisors are not advocates, it is not necessary, nor encouraged, for a party to share any details of the incident in question in order to receive services.
Title IX Advisors do not:
  • Advocate or speak on behalf of a party, or otherwise participate in the investigation or proceedings.
  • Advise a party on how best to respond to an investigation, resolution process, or appeal.
  • Offer confidentiality in the way a licensed counselor or attorney would provide confidentiality.
  • Provide legal advice or accompany a party to any meetings or court appearances associated with a criminal or civil case. Legal advice may be obtained through an attorney.
Last updated: 10/20/2023