Apply Early
Completing your applications accurately and submitting them early will ensure full consideration for all aid programs available. If you apply early and have problems, contact a counselor right away. If you apply late and have problems, there may not be enough time to address the problems before school starts.

Do Not Leave Blanks
Never leave questions blank on any form you submit if you are required to complete it. Blank questions will only delay your application's processing.

Keep Copies
Retain photocopies of all forms and correspondence you submit with the dates they were submitted. Refer to them when inquiring about your application.

Use Your Full Given Name
Complete all forms using your full given name. Do not use nicknames. Notify the Office of Student Financial Aid of any name changes.

Use Your Correct Social Security Number
When you file your FAFSA, check and double check to make sure that you've entered the correct Social Security Number for yourself and for parents, if applicable. A FAFSA that is filed with an incorrect student SSN will have to be completely redone, SSN cannot be corrected on the original FAFSA. Also, please make sure that you enter the correct date of birth.

Read And Respond
Carefully read and follow all instructions provided. Respond quickly to all requests from our office. Even if your federal application is received by the priority date, you will not receive an aid offer if your file is incomplete when aid offers are made.

Take Responsibility
You are applying for financial aid to help you attend Auburn University. Although you may need your parents' help in completing your forms, the application forms are yours and you need to know what forms and information have been provided to whom and when.

Ask Questions
Call, email, or visit our office if you have questions. We are available each weekday from 7:45-4:45.

Document Phone Calls
If you call to discuss your application, keep notes of the day you called, with whom you talked, and what was discussed. In our peak processing times during the summer and early fall, repeated phone calls can delay the processing of your application. Please do not be discouraged when you cannot immediately reach us...during peak time we experience over one thousand phone calls per day.

Last updated: 01/12/2024