DMI Pro: Certified Digital Marketing Professional

You will be armed with the know-how, the experience, and the insights to be able to work and speak with authority in this fast-paced industry. In short, you will be a skilled digital marketer, capable of building digital marketing strategies from scratch.

Become dually certified through the American Marketing Association and the Digital Marketing Institute with two credentials: PCM® Digital Marketing and Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

Becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional will benefit you regardless of your skills or experience and empower you to maximize the impact of your marketing through powerful digital tools.

Upon successful completion of a three-hour, computer-based examination taken at a Pearson Vue testing center, candidates will be awarded two internationally recognized digital marketing certifications. PCM® Digital Marketing and Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

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There are ten modules in this program. Click on each module to learn more.

This module introduces the core principles and purpose of digital marketing. It enables you to develop clear and actionable business objectives for a digital marketing plan. You’ll learn how to uncover audience and industry insights from digital research, and to connect effectively with your customers and target audience with a 360 digital marketing campaign.

This module explores the knowledge and skills required to plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a persona-oriented, data-driven way. You’ll be able to connect content to the Buyer’s Journey and understand how to engage your audience in a meaningful way. It covers content creation, content curation, and how to extend the value of content using scheduling tools and promotion methods. The module concludes by examining the key metrics and tools for measuring the performance of a content marketing strategy.

This module introduces the key social media platforms for digital marketing, and it demonstrates how to set up a social media experience for a business. It explains the techniques and best practices for growing and engaging a social media audience, and it demonstrates how to create effective paid advertising campaigns on the key social platforms. It also covers how to extract and report on data from the platforms’ native analytics tools to derive deeper audience and campaign insights.

This module begins with the fundamentals of SEO and how search engines work. It explains why it is vital to align SEO objectives with overarching business objectives and how to use keyword and competitor research to build an SEO content plan that brings the right kind of visitors to a website. It also covers how to boost online conversions to help stand out in today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace and ensure the best possible ROI.

This module begins with the fundamentals of paid search, and it demonstrates how to implement and manage paid search campaigns using Google Ads. Beginning with keywords and keyword research, you’ll be able to create your search campaigns from the ground up. It explains how to manage paid search advertising budgets, and how to optimize your campaigns. It also covers conversion tracking and how to measure and report on the performance of paid search campaigns using Google Analytics.

Learn how to set up, manage and optimize your YouTube channel. Target, test and develop your use of the Google Display Network and get creative with visual formats.

  • Fundamentals of Display and Video Advertising
  • Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel
  • Targeting display and Video Campaigns
  • Google Display Network and Video Ad Formats

Your email list is one of your most powerful assets. Learn how to manage and segment your data, test headlines and maximize open rates and ROI. We also cover marketing automation and the importance of data management regulations.

  • Email marketing Fundamentals
  • Testing and Optimizing and Email Campaign
  • Creating an Effective Email campaign
  • Email Design
  • Tools and Strategy
  • Marketing Automation

What makes a winning website? This module gives you the skills to create a simple, well-designed, optimized WordPress site that not only looks good but also delivers for your business.

  • Web Design and Website Optimization
  • Publishing a Basic Website
  • Website Metrics and Developing Insight
  • Design Principles and Website Copy
  • User-Centered Design and Website Optimization

This module helps you unleash the capability of your data. Discover what your customer wants, likes, needs and does. Understand how they use your website, set up goals and monitor conversions.

  • Web Analytics Fundamental
  • Monitoring Campaigns with Google Analytics Reports
  • Analyzing and Recording Google Analytics Data
  • Creating and Configuring a Google Analytics Account
  • Setting Goals with Google Analytics

Underneath your digital activity, you need solid objectives. This module helps you to build a clear vision of your strategy, and makes it actionable with budget, channel and media plans, KPIs and more.

  • Digital Strategy Fundaments
  • Digital Strategy Research
  • Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Setting Strategy Objectives and KPIs
  • Developing a Creative Strategy
  • Communicating a Digital Marketing Strategy
Certified Digital Marketing Professional
  • Course fee: $1955
  • Format: Ongoing, Self-paced
  • Schedule: 35 hours, online

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Last Updated: January 22, 2024