Full-Stack Web Developer with MEAN Stack Online Certification Program

The Full Stack Web Developer program from Auburn University introduces students to front-end, or client-side, web development technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition to having the necessary skills to work as a front-end web developer, students will learn MEAN stack development which introduces students to building dynamic web applications with MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. Students learn essential JavaScript-based technologies, async programming, and MVC design. Students also walk through database connectivity and secure user authentication. Students will acquire the basic skills needed to create full-fledged JavaScript-based web solutions from server to browser and integrate all MEAN Stack technologies into full working systems. Learn about this program and enroll today: Full Stack Web Developer with MEAN Stack Program.

The Full Stack Web Developer with MEAN Stack Profession

The Full Stack Web Developer program with MEAN Stack from Auburn University is designed to prepare students to design and develop websites, design and develop web applications so that users can perform specific tasks, and maintain websites so they continue to meet user needs. This course is designed to fully prepare students to sit for and pass the Microsoft MTA 98-375 Exam. Students are eligible for an optional externship with a local employer after successful course completion.

Quick Facts

  • Tuition: $3,999.00
    Self-paced eLearning course includes 6-months access to online content, all eBooks, supplemental content, and related course materials, as applicable.
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  • Contact: Call 334-844-5100 for more information.

Educational Requirements

  • Students should have or be pursuing a high school diploma or GED.
  • National certification is available for students who complete this course including Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) 98-375 HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals Certification

Detailed Course Topics Covered

  • Create a basic website using HTML, CSS, styles, HTML elements, and links, video, and images
  • Install and configure JavaScript
  • Use basic JavaScript syntax including conditional statements and loops to develop web applications
  • Use basic JavaScript syntax including arrays array methods, strings, and expressions
  • Use functions and function programming in JavaScript
  • Use JavaScript object, prototype properties, and use of objects as namespaces to avoid name conflicts, and creating anonymous objects
  • Use Git and GitHub in Web Development
  • Install MEAN stack and set up developing environment
  • Use MEAN stack to develop a variety of static and dynamic web applications
  • Use MEAN stack to create user models, validate users, and secure passwords
  • Create applications to allow user sign up, login, password reset, account activation, Microposts, and other functionality

Each course includes:

  • 24/7 instructor support and course mentoring
  • Student and instructor collaboration
  • Engaging labs, student exercises, course videos and animated simulations
  • Student pre and post assessments and online performance tracking
  • National and state certification opportunities
  • A secure Student Portal which includes: career guidance, resume writing and other career resources

How to Enroll

Use the following link to enroll: Full Stack Web Developer with MEAN Stack Program


Learn about this program and enroll: Full Stack Web Developer with MEAN Stack Program or call 334-844-5100.

Last Updated: July 23, 2021