Auburn University provides a variety of scholarships to eligible students through the Auburn University Scholarship Opportunity Manager (AUSOM). AUSOM has many useful online features and benefits. Students can easily search, review requirements, apply, and accept awards for available scholarship opportunities, and more! Interested students apply for all institutional scholarships using this online application. Students are only required to complete the AUSOM application once each academic year. 

Getting Started

Incoming students who have been accepted for admission should visit AUSOM within AU Access. Incoming students must activate their user account prior to login. The User Name provided in the acceptance for admission letter will be required for activation.

  • For accepted students, AUSOM is located on Admitted Students in AU Access.
  • For accepted students who have submitted the enrollment deposit, AUSOM is located on My Finances in AU Access.

Current students should visit AUSOM on My Finances within AU Access.

Info Panels

A complete list of available scholarship opportunities may be found in the Auburn University Scholarship Opportunity Manager (AUSOM). Students can browse all scholarships or perform searches for keyword or phrase. To perform a search, browse "All" scholarships and filter by using common keywords or phrases related to the following:

  • Geographic location
  • College
  • Academic major
  • Financial need
  • Pell grant
  • First generation

The 2024-25 scholarship application will be available on November 1. Incoming students who have been accepted for admission and current students must complete the scholarship application through AUSOM by March 1 to receive consideration for general and departmental scholarships. For first-year students, admission application files must be complete with all documents required for a complete admission application file received by December 1 for Early Action admission and scholarship consideration.

Students accepted to the nursing or veterinary medicine professional program or enrolled in the pharmacy professional program must complete the scholarship application through AUSOM by June 1 to receive departmental scholarship consideration.

Financial need is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)* and may be considered when awarding scholarships. To be considered for need-based scholarships, the FAFSA must be received by March 1. Students selected for financial need verification are not eligible for need-based scholarships if the verification process is incomplete.
*The FAFSA is the only form a student is required to complete to be considered for student assistance from any of the Title IV, HEA programs except for information needed to ensure the student’s eligibility for such assistance (e.g., information needed to complete verification or to demonstrate compliance with the student eligibility provisions of the HEA and the regulations). Additional information, if requested, will be listed on the student’s My Finances Financial Aid Requirements page after the student’s FAFSA results are received. For additional information, visit the Office of Financial Aid.

The General Application is visible to students, faculty, and staff who have an AU Access login. Generally, only undergraduate students pursuing their first undergraduate degree receive scholarship consideration, and the following student types are ineligible for scholarship consideration:

Auburn First (dual enrollment)
Auburn Global & Auburn Global Degree Seeking
Auburn Online
Path to the Plains (concurrent enrollment)


EAGLES participants should contact the College of Education regarding scholarship eligibility. RN-BSN students should contact the College of Nursing regarding scholarship eligibility.

General and Supplemental Applications

All students must complete the General Application for consideration of all general scholarships awarded by the Office of University Scholarships and departmental scholarships awarded by the academic colleges. For some students, the General Application will be the only application required for scholarship consideration.

Some colleges also have a Supplemental Application that students enrolled in that college must complete for additional consideration of their departmental scholarships. Students enrolled in a college with a Supplemental Application will be automatically directed to that application following completion of the General Application.

There are also a limited number of scholarships based on student interest or student/parent affiliation for which a Supplemental Application is required for additional consideration. Students express interest for consideration of these scholarships when prompted on the General Application. If applicable, students will be directed to the appropriate Supplemental Application(s) following completion of the General Application.

Students will receive automatic consideration for all scholarships for which they meet the criteria and will receive a confirmation email at their Auburn email address when the General Application and any Supplemental Applications are completed.

Recommended Opportunities

Recommended Opportunities require specific information for further consideration of a limited number of scholarships. Less than 3% of scholarships awarded through AUSOM are Recommended Opportunities.

Following completion of the General Application and any Supplemental Applications, students are encouraged to review the suggested list of Recommended Opportunities when prompted and provide the information requested. Students will then receive consideration for those Recommended Opportunities and will receive a confirmation email at their Auburn email address for each Recommended Opportunity application completed.

Browser Requirements

To ensure the best functionality while using AUSOM, use the current and immediate releases of the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Required Fields

Students are encouraged to provide responses or requested information to the best of their ability. Required questions are indicated by the * symbol, which must have responses completed to submit an application.


The resume gives students the opportunity to showcase activities, experiences, honors, and service. Resume writing tips may be found on Auburn University’s Career Center page. If students do not have a resume, they may use our Resume Template.

Students are encouraged to save resumes in Word or PDF format. Other files types may not be viewable. A resume filename can include alphanumeric characters, dash, period, and underscore.

Veteran and Parent Information 

If you are a veteran or veteran dependent, you may be asked to provide information regarding your service or your parent's service for consideration of select scholarships for veterans or veteran dependents.

If you have a parent who is an employee of a company that provides a scholarship through Auburn University to employee dependents, you may be asked to provide your parent's name and proof of employment for consideration of that scholarship.

If you have a parent who is an alumni of Auburn University, you may be asked to provide your parent's name, address, and graduation year for consideration of scholarships for dependents of alumni.

Reviewing Profile Information

Information previously provided to Auburn University such as ACT or SAT scores, transcripts, and academic major is automatically part of the application. Students should review the “Applicant Record” tab to ensure all information is accurate. Profile information will initially be blank, but it will populate after starting and saving the application.

  • For incoming students, information on the applicant record is imported from the admission application. Incoming students should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for corrections or updates to the applicant record.
  • For current students, information on the applicant record is imported from the current student record. Current students should contact the Office of the Registrar for corrections or updates to the applicant record.

Submitting an Application

If students need more time to complete the application or plan to review the application again prior to submission, select “Save and Keep Editing” and come back at a later time. When students are ready to submit the completed application, click “Finish and Submit”. Students may update their application at any time prior to the scholarship application deadline. When an application is completed, students will receive a confirmation email at their Auburn email address.

Students who have been awarded a scholarship must respond to their scholarship offer online through AUSOM. To review details and accept or decline a scholarship:

  • Log into AU Access.
  • Select Admitted Students or My Finances and click the AUSOM graphic.
  • Select the scholarship name on the tile within the Needs Attention section on the My Applications tab.
  • Select 'Accept' or 'Decline' after reviewing the Offer Letter.

Future giving can be influenced when donors know of their scholarship’s impact to the scholarship recipient. After a student accepts a scholarship, a student profile questionnaire may be requested to provide information about you to your scholarship donor.
Last updated: 01/18/2024