Auburn Traditions

Auburn University's core traditions are passion and spirit. These are the hallmarks of the Auburn Family, and you would be hard-pressed to find a program more steeped in tradition. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger. War Eagle!

Auburn Nickname

To get right to the point, Auburn's only nickname is the Tigers. We're the Auburn Tigers. Auburn has been known as the Tigers since the university first fielded a football team in 1892 to play the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta.

The official mascot of Auburn is Aubie the Tiger, and all Auburn athletics teams (men's and women's) are nicknamed the Tigers. The nickname "Tigers" comes from a line in Oliver Goldsmith's poem, "The Deserted Village," published in May 1770, "where crouching tigers await their hapless prey..."

“War Eagle” is Auburn's battle cry. Auburn has never referred to any of its teams as “Eagles” or “War Eagles.” To the Auburn Family, it's very simple. We are the Tigers who yell “War Eagle!”

War Eagle

Whether you’re shouting it, watching the eagle fly inside Jordan-Hare Stadium, or singing the Auburn fight song, “War Eagle” is more than a statement. It’s a greeting. It’s a battle cry. It’s a cherished tradition to members of the Auburn family and strikes a chord with all those who understand its meaning.

Aubie the Tiger

Aubie, Auburn's costumed tiger mascot, is a spirit leader and goodwill ambassador for Auburn University. A popular character among Auburn fans and one of the most animated mascots in the country, Aubie is the living spirit of Auburn. His striking good looks, personal appeal, and daring antics combine to make the character fans cannot ignore. It is often said women love him, children adore him, and men want to be him.


Football gameday at Auburn is a unique and powerful experience that rivals any university in the nation. Some of the most storied traditions enjoyed on fall Saturdays include the famous Tiger Walk, the majestic pre-game eagle flight, the pageantry of the Auburn marching band and spirit squads, and the ever-popular rolling of the Auburn Oaks at Toomer’s Corner to celebrate hard-fought victories. This is where tradition lives. This is Auburn.

The Auburn Creed

At the heart of the Auburn Family is the Auburn Creed. George Petrie wrote what he felt all Auburn students, faculty, and staff stood for. Today, the Auburn Creed is the beloved Auburn doctrine.

Hey Day

On Jan. 29, 1985, Auburn reinstated an annual tradition of the 1950s and 1960s called "Hey Day," on which all students wear name tags and say "hey" to everyone they pass. Leaders on campus join forces and pass out nametags to support this tradition and prove that Auburn has the friendliest campus around.

Cater Callouts

Held on the front and back steps of Katherine Cooper Cater Hall, callouts are a time when students who have been chosen for membership into certain campus organizations are announced.

Loveliest Village

Auburn is the proud home of Auburn University and the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, one of the world's finest. It's the coolest college town in the South, according to us, and one of the top 10 cities in the U.S. for small businesses, according to Forbes. Centrally located near Atlanta, Birmingham, and Montgomery, Auburn is easy to get to and easy to love.


Each spring, the football team plays a scrimmage game at Jordan-Hare Stadium that gives Auburn fans a chance to preview the Tigers before the fall. Fans come from all over to see the A-Day game.


Aside from being a time for the alumni, Homecoming is a great time for the students. Spirits are high with events, including the Omicron Delta Kappa Cake Race, the big game on Saturday, painted signs and windows, election of Miss Homecoming, selling of the traditional mums by Mortar Board and band parties. In addition, the University Program Council brings events to celebrate the week, known as "Tiger Nights." Events include an outdoor cartoonist, hypnotists, fireworks, and bands on the campus for students to enjoy.

Foy ODK Trophy

On July 13, 1948, the two Circles of Omicron Delta Kappa from Auburn University and the University of Alabama joined together to sponsor a trophy devoted to sportsmanship between the two universities. This trophy is a tradition that symbolizes the good relationship between the two schools.