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Note: The following "Good to Know!" was published on January 1, 2017. 

Information on this page was current as of the day of publication. For the latest information visit the Auburn University Performance Management page.

Auburn University supervisors should conduct their mid‐year feedback sessions with their direct reports during the month of January.  During these sessions, supervisors should provide feedback regarding their current job performance and results.  We recommend that supervisors conduct these sessions by January 31, 2017.  Supervisors are NOT required to send the performance management progress or log forms to Human Resources.  However, these documents should be provided with the end‐of‐year review which is conducted during the spring.

Why are these sessions important?

Research shows that it is important to reinforce an employee’s positive behaviors while identifying and then resolving any employee problems.  Taking these steps will increase the probability of successful outcomes and improve employee engagement.   Dialogue and conversation about goals, objectives, performance, results, and outcomes during these feedback sessions can help foster a healthy and high‐performing organization.  An organization’s objectives can change due to daily operations, and these feedback sessions will help you identify what has changed, and what your team and team members should modify to achieve optimal results for your department or unit.

Key forms

Auburn University offers two forms which can help guide your feedback sessions.   These forms are Performance Management Progress E‐form and Performance Management Log E‐form, and can be found online.

How do I conduct a feedback session?

  • Block off time to have a formal dialogue.  

  • Utilize one of the two forms to help you formulate the conversation – select the form you believe supports the conversation based on your daily operations and the nature of the work environment.   Be sure to note accomplishments, strengths, and successes along with areas where you will provide assistance and plans to improve performance.

  • The conversation should focus on actions and activities and their impacts on results and outcomes – the impact on the organization, outcomes, and cost and savings.   

  • Retain the feedback document to be consolidated with the end‐of‐year performance review.

Available assistance

You are always welcome to contact Human Resources Liaison to assist you; however, Human Resource Development can also assist you as needed.

One more note

If the team member is on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), be sure to document that the member is on a PIP and note progression within the feedback document.  Additionally, continue to have regularly scheduled meetings to sustain your coaching, mentoring, advising, and consulting with the team member.

If you have any questions, contact your Human Resources Liaison or our office at 844‐4145 or

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