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UPDATE! In July 2023, nearly 2,000 University employees participated in a performance management survey focused on process improvements.

Human Resource Development (HRD) conducted a meticulous review and presented the results to President Roberts. Based on our review and senior leadership guidance, we have established a University Performance Management Design Team to build a new performance review template and modify the annual performance development process for the 2024-25 performance year.

Keep up with our progress under the What’s Coming section of this page!

2023-24 Performance Year

Efforts to offer an improved template and process are under way. We appreciate your patience as we work carefully and deliberately to provide campus a best-in-class performance development process and review template. 

Until then, we are operating with the performance process and Microsoft Word template that has been in place for the past few years. The main goal remains the same: to ensure AU employees and their supervisors work together to reach personal, department/unit and organizational goals. That process is composed of ACE - a new three-part process:

A - Align


Supervisors and their employees should discuss job functions and responsibilities and goals which should align with Auburn’s strategic plan.

Alignment, goal-setting, and job clarity is a critical step that initiates the entire process. Remember, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

C - Collaborate


Supervisors and their employees should collaborate continuously throughout the entire performance year.

Regular one-on-one discussions throughout the performance year provides opportunities for adjustments based on new priorities, praise for accomplishments, or constructive feedback for areas in need of improvement.

E - Evaluate


The process concludes at the end of May with the performance evaluation.

IMPORTANT: The evaluation should not include anything that has not already been discussed during the performance year.

What to Know for 2023-24

As a reminder, all Auburn University non-faculty employees who are .5 FTE and higher participate in the annual performance development process.

Important forms and documents for the 2023-24 performance year include:

For questions, contact your HR Liaison or email

What's Coming?

In March 2023, HRD established a dedicated performance management working group of approximately 20 individuals.

There was representation from the following colleges and divisions: Harbert College of Business, College of Veterinary Medicine, Business & Administration, Harrison College of Pharmacy, Facilities Management, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Office of Audit, Compliance, and Privacy, Office of Information Technology, University Human Resources, Provost's Office, Jule Collins Smith Museum, Gogue Performing Arts Center, Office of Inclusion and Diversity, and Auburn Athletics.

The group's mission was to determine if there was a need to modify any portion of the current performance management process/review. In September 2023, the team transitioned to a design team with the goal to revamp Auburn's performance management processes and templates, to include an automated system that is simple and intuitive. The group's goal was to create a process that is embraced and supported at all levels, viewed as a tool for coaching and development, straightforward and consistent, easy to manage, and focused on goals and values.

The Performance Management Working & Design Group completed its requirements in December 2023, and turned over building to the Implementation team that hopes to ensure an effective launch in 2024.

For More Information

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Last updated: 02/08/2024