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Note: The following "Good to Know!" was published on May 15, 2017. 

Information on this page was current as of the day of publication. For the latest information visit the Auburn University Performance Management page.

This “Good to Know!” communication features several tips and reminders to assist you with this important process. As a reminder, submit performance reviews to your HR Liaison, and not to Human Resources as in previous years.

  • Last year, we released a revised Performance Review e‐Form for you to use. Based on the feedback we have received, Human Resources has now made the original form and the revised form available on the HR Forms page. You have the option of using either the original form or the revised form when conducting reviews.

  • A good place to start when preparing for performance reviews is the employee’s job description and past performance reviews and development plans.

  • Your employee’s self‐appraisal can also help you better gauge, manage, and establish his/her professional goals and objectives. The HR Forms page includes a Performance Management Self‐Appraisal Form that can be used. You and your employees may benefit from this form, which also gives employees an opportunity to list their accomplishments.

  • When reviewing your employee’s job performance, be specific about accomplishments, objectives, and areas for improvement. Peter Cappelli, author of “The New Deal at Work”, writes that employees want to know: 1) what is expected of them, 2) are they meeting those expectations, and 3) are they being given the opportunity to build new skill sets. Without this clarity, employee frustration often results.

  • Performance management is also a measure of how well the manager is managing (cause), and not just how well the employee is performing (effect). Therefore, clarity of expectations increases the probability of successful performance outcomes by your employees.

If you have any questions, contact your Human Resources Liaison or our office at 844‐4145 or

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