Aligned with our mission are several goals:

  1. Promote the development of a shared, data-informed frame of reference to support the University’s processes of planning, performance, evaluation, and improvement
  2. Attempt to anticipate the information and analysis needs of those whom we serve
  3. Provide accurate and timely information about the University to external clients
  4. Use the web site to communicate commonly requested information and to highlight materials that may be broadly useful for planning, evaluation, and decision making
  5. Collect and analyze contextual and comparative data to support the University's operational and strategic planning
  6. Maintain information systems needed to support accurate, timely, and flexible analysis of information that may cross administrative areas; if appropriate, develop such systems internally
  7. Work to discover high quality processes to increase our effectiveness
  8. Strive for high levels of professional knowledge, training, and activity in order to make positive contributions to the understanding and practice of institutional research and assessment
Last updated: 06/26/2018