Operating Guidelines

From day to day, the Office of Institutional Research produces numerous reports–many required by law–about Auburn University's students, faculty, staff, courses, degree programs, and a wide variety of other subjects. We publish much of this information through regular and occasional reports and through the IR web site. We also provide information for reports prepared by other campus units. Because of the extent and variety of these activities and the unpredictable and time-sensitive nature of many requests received, we have adopted the following general operating guidelines:

  1. We will provide only products and services that fall within our mission -- to serve Auburn University's senior academic and administrative officers by providing an effective analytical framework for planning and performance improvement.
  2. Our highest priority will be to serve the President, the Provost, and the Vice Presidents and Deans, in that order. This service includes assisting with or completing, on their behalf, mandatory reports to governmental and accrediting agencies. We will focus on using both regular and requested reports as occasions to support the work of the University's senior leadership.
  3. To the extent possible within defined priority sequences, we will attempt to meet all requests for information and assistance that are consistent with our mission. For substantial studies, academic departments or other units should submit their requests in writing through the relevant Dean or Vice President, with a copy to the Provost. Studies requested by University or Senate committees should be submitted in writing through the Chair of the University Faculty, again with a copy to the Provost.
  4. We make commonly requested information available on our web site and generally will use the site to highlight information that may be broadly useful for planning, evaluation, and decision making.
  5. Specialized products or services that we provide will be adapted to suit the information and assessment needs of those requesting our assistance.
  6. We will keep logs of the reports, services, and assistance we provide, and we will regularly assess our own effectiveness and solicit external feedback on how we may better meet the institutional research needs of those whom we serve.
Last updated: 06/26/2018