Questions list

I purchased a parking permission, where can I park?

To find the parking areas associated with your parking permission, please visit our campus parking map.

How do I change my vehicle or license plate?

You can update your vehicle information or add a new vehicle by following the below steps:

  • My Campus

  • Parking icon

  • Modify Account Vehicles

  • Permanent Change

How should I register a rental vehicle under my parking permission?

Temporary vehicles can be added via AU Access by following the below steps:

  • My Campus

  • Parking icon

  • Modify Account Vehicles

  • Temporary Change -make sure to select the dates the vehicle will be on campus

Can I pay for my parking permission in person?

You can register your vehicle and pay for the parking permission in person by visiting the Parking Services Office.

When will the parking permission fee be payroll deducted? Can I split the payment fee in half?

Payroll schedules when items are deducted from employee’s accounts therefore, we cannot split payments.

How many vehicles can I have registered under my annual parking permission?

One parking permission can have two vehicles at no additional cost. Each vehicle after will result in a $20 charge and as a reminder only one vehicle can be on campus at a time.

I have a new vehicle but do not have the license plate -do I need to wait for the new license plate to update my account?

No! You can register the new vehicle by using the las 4 digits of the VIN number and selecting AL for the state. Remember to update your vehicle information once you receive the new license plate.

Do I need to register my medical parking accommodations or handicap parking?

Yes. Each year after registering for your parking permission, notify us via email ( to have these accommodations reflected on your annual permission. Please include an image of the handicap placard/plate and the registration and documentation in the email.

Can I back into or pull thru a parking space?

To back-in/pull thru a parking space you will need to pick up a sticker in the Parking Services office.

Is there a physical permit I need to pick up to park on campus?

No. Our office uses license plate recognition technology therefore there is not physical permit to pick-up or display.

Can I register my motorcycle as my second vehicle?

No. Motorcycles cannot park in vehicle spaces and must be parked in designated motorcycle parking. To park in these parking spaces, you must register your motorcycle separately.

Can I register for two parking permits?

No, you can only have one active parking permission associated with your account.

I purchased an annual parking permission however, I’m retiring before the end of the academic year. What should I do to register for my retiree permission?

Once you retire, send us an email ( and request to have your permission updated.

Department Guest Invite FAQ:

How do I know who in our department/office can issue Departmental Guest invite passes?

Email us ( including your department/office name and we will be more than happy to send you the correct person to contact within your department/office.

How do I add or remove a person to issue the Department Guest passes?

Email us ( with the person’s name and AU email and we will be happy to add or remove the account.

How do the departments/offices pay for guest passes?

An internal transfer voucher will be created and submitted based on the FOAP provided when the account was established.

Why am I receiving e-citations for vehicles that are not mine?

When the department/office claims the guest pass on behalf of the visitor, the visitor will be temporarily added under the faculty/staff member’s account. If the visitor receives a citation the faculty/staff member will receive an e-mail as the guest pass was claimed under their account on behalf of the visitor.

Parking Services advises departments and offices to allow the visitor to claim the guests passes to avoid future account confusion.