The following regulations will apply to all visitors, students, employees and others who operate motor vehicles on-campus at Auburn University. For the purpose of these regulations the term "employee" applies to faculty, administrative/professional and staff employee groupings. This is the only official document concerning traffic and parking rules and regulations and supersedes all other publications. These rules and regulations are intended to cover all known issues concerning parking at Auburn University. The Manager of Parking Services has the discretion to make decisions related to parking that are not covered by the following rules or to make rulings on questions concerning the interpretation of the following rules.

It is essential that all individuals operating a motor vehicle on the campus of Auburn University learn and obey these Traffic and Parking Regulations. These regulations attempt to cover all instances of parking and traffic control in specific detail, as to comply with Alabama’s Motor Vehicle Laws. However, the interpretation of the intent of the regulations will be the responsibility of the Auburn University Parking Services Office. Specific questions relating to these regulations may be directed to the Parking Services Office at (334) 844-4143. The Auburn University Parking Services Office has the authority to require individuals to present an Auburn University Faculty/Staff, Student ID or driver’s license at any time, to address any issues pertaining to permits, citations, towed vehicles or wheel locked vehicles.

The University Traffic and Parking Committee are responsible for recommendations regarding all campus traffic and parking, and it is the responsibility of the administration to set policies and regulations. The function or purpose of specific parking areas may be altered during special events with the recommendation of the Traffic and Parking Committee.

While we have highlighted specific rules and regulations on our website, we encourage everyone to become familiar with all official traffic and parking rules and regulations.

2022-2023 Campus Parking Updates

Citation Update
  • First citation: $50
  • Second citation: $65
  • Third citation: $80
  • Upon receiving the third citation, each subsequent citation will increase in $10 increments.