Supplier Guide

Working with Procurement and Business Services

Auburn University is a land grant university of the State of Alabama and as such is an instrumentality of the State. Procurement and Business Services is governed by the state bid laws and has established institutional policies to ensure compliance with them.


Procurement and Business Services is responsible for the procurement of and payment for all services, supplies, materials and equipment for Auburn University. The University will assume no liability for payment of obligations made outside AU Financial Policies & Procedures.

AU Supplier Portal

Suppliers seeking to do business with AU for the first time should register through the AU Supplier Portal where you can handle many supplier related tasks such as

Register today to ensure that your company receives bids, purchase orders and payments.

Sealed Bids

Since the University is governed by the State of Alabama Competitive Bid Laws [Section 41-4-(110-178)], orders of $75,000 or more require sealed bids. Copies of these bids are posted daily in Procurement and Business Services. Bid openings are public and suppliers are invited to attend if they so desire.

Guides and FAQ

Small Order

Orders totaling $4,999 or less can be placed by the AU department/Unit that needs the goods. At this dollar level, where allowable by Purchasing Card policy, most orders should be placed using the AU Purchasing Card.

Orders for $5,000 – $14,999.99 must be initiated by the AU Department/Unit processing a Purchase Requisition. Buyers within PBS can, at their discretion, use informal or formal quotes and will most often place the order by issuing a Purchase Order.

For orders between $15,000.00 and $74,999.99, purchasers will obtain three quotes for comparable goods or services, issue a requisition in favor of the lowest-cost supplier, and attach the quotes as backup to the requisition. Purchasers can provide a response deadline for each quote, and a supplier’s failure to meet that deadline will count toward the quote requirement; please note any such quote requests in the comments section of the requisition. For instances where only one product or service can meet the end-user’s need, or where utilizing the low-cost option is not institutionally prudent, the purchaser must provide a Due Diligence Statement in the comments section of the requisition, explaining how the acquisition of the product or service from the selected supplier is in the best interest of the university. Narrative descriptions need not reach the level of detail required for a Sole Source Justification, but must include sufficient information for an independent auditor to understand the basis for the purchase. Purchases from preferred suppliers, state contracts, eligible cooperative contracts, and Professional Services Contracts will not require multiple quotes or a Due Diligence Statement, regardless of cost. Please note that the Purchase Order threshold of $5,000.00 remains unchanged, and - in accordance with statutory changes - contracts that are awarded utilizing a sole source justification are now limited to a term of one year. Please contact Procurement and Business Services with any additional questions.

Supplier Diversity

Auburn University supports opportunities for companies that are owned and operated by minorities, women, veterans, and people with disbilities. Visit Auburn University's Supplier Diversity Program web site for additional information.

Please contact our office for help with other Procurement and Business Services questions.