Welcome to TigerBuy!

Here you will find the goods and services you need for your work and research. Our new marketplace provides a familiar online shopping experience and negotiated pricing from our preferred suppliers. You can place orders by punch-out to one of our supplier websites or by entering a non-catalog item based on a quote received from a supplier. For punch-out orders, place items in your shopping cart and checkout. From there, you'll be able to enter all shipping & billing information related to the order, along with the accounting codes and any backup documentation required for the requisition. Once entered into the approval queues, your order will route based on the departmental approvals within the system.


Transition from eReq & eVV to TigerBuy

After much discussion, we will begin returning requisitions and vendor vouchers within SSB starting July 1, 2023. The expectation will be that all new transactions be moved to TigerBuy on this date. While vendor vouchers will be moved to TigerBuy, the eVV system will still be used for one-time payments, employee reimbursements, student-employee reimbursements, and any other special circumstances. If there are any questions related to requisitions, please contact Matthew Pike, pikemat@auburn.edu, 334-844-3630. Additionally, questions related to vendor vouchers can be directed to Jeff Wooley, jrw0138@auburn.edu, 334-844-3628, or Ginny Yarbrough, yarbrvr@auburn.edu, 334-844-3638.

TigerBuy Training Registration

We’ve moved our registration for the two, half-day sessions to the ElevatED platform offered through HR and will ask that individuals register there moving forward. Classes will be offered each month and the next round of training will be in April. In addition to offering the course through HRD, we will also continue to schedule departmental sessions at your request. If this is something you’d like to schedule, please email Matthew Pike, pikemat@auburn.edu with potential dates/times, locations, and number of attendees. We will be happy to cover the material in the same manner as our HRD sessions or cater it to your specific needs.

New Suppliers

If you are a new supplier wanting to do business with Auburn University, please follow the below link and complete the registration process through the JAGGAER supplier portal.


Bid Calendar

Auburn University bid openings will be done solely through the JAGGAER Sourcing Event Portal. Bid & RFP opportunities can be found at the following link: aub.ie/bids. Any solicitations found within the JAGGAER Sourcing Event Portal must be submitted through this link.